Charter Amendment Proposed Changes PDF | RTF

In November, there will be a ballot question pertaining to our Charter. The results of the ballot question, or referendum, could change how the district has been managed for more than 50 years. This referendum was initiated by someone who does not live in the district and can lead to changes in the Board of Supervisors that might or might not align with the citizens who live and receive services in the district.

The referendum question shall be placed on the ballot in substantially the following form:

Shall Chapter 2021-……, Laws of Florida, amending the Coral Springs

Improvement District Charter, adding two members to the District

Board of Supervisors and providing that the members of the District

Board of Supervisors shall be elected by majority vote of all qualified

electors of the district instead of just landowners for four year terms,

with staggered elections every two years beginning in November 2024,

become effective?

(……) YES.

(……) NO.

A “NO” vote on the amendment would mean our District will remain the same as it is now.

  • Customers will continue to enjoy low utility rates and high-quality service as they have for more than 50 years.
  • Policies and decisions will continue to be made by local residents who have a vested interest in the district.
  • Board meetings will remain open to the public, allowing customers to attend and provide input.

Your vote is very important! Please show up at the polls on November 8