Direct Debit Payments

To have your water billing payments automatically debited from your checking account, click the link below and fill out the ACH Debit Form. After filling out the form, please include a blank voided check and then mail it to our office. DO NOT EMAIL THE FORM TO US.

ACH Debit Form PDF | RTF

Normally, your payments will be drafted on the billing cycle following signup. To know when the debit process will start, look at the “Amount Due” box for the words “AUTO-DRAFT” or “Will be drafted on or before due date”.

If you have any questions about our automatic debit program, please feel free to contact us online or by phone at 954-753-0380.

Please do not use a deposit slip as some banks use a different routing number for checks and deposit slips
Image of check and were to find the routing, account and check number