The Coral Springs Improvement District (CSID) was formed in 1966 by the Florida State legislature and originally named the Coral Springs Drainage District. During this period, the City of Coral Springs started to grow due to the new residential developments and colonial-style architecture. Our role and responsibilities to the community played a vital role in supporting the city’s growth. In 1970, legislature renamed us to CSID.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Water Fluoridation Award, 2019, Florida Department of Health
  • District of the Year, 2022, Florida Association of Special Districts
  • Safety Award, 2021, Florida Association of Special Districts
  • Most Improved Class A Water Treatment Plant, 2021 and 2016, American Water Works Association
  • Outstanding Membrane Plant Award, 2019, Southeast Desalting Association
  • Outstanding Operator Award, 2018, Southeast Desalting Association

Florida State Charter: PDF | RTF

Our Guiding Documents