Customer Service

Our customer service team strives to provide efficient, dependable and proactive support and service to our customers. billing. Customer engagement and excellent relations are the keys to our core values. We are committed to being receptive with all our customers’ needs and strive to treat every customer fairly, and to respectfully address our customers’ needs quickly and effectively.

Our team is devoted to sending out timely and accurate utility billings that include billing notifications and personalized water usage graphs. Graphs are provided to the customer whenever an unusual usage increase is observed in a customer account. The graphs may assist in detecting leaks, if present.

Work orders are generated when a customers’ need requires a CSID field representative to visit the property to evaluate a concern. CSID technicians repair defects that are CSID’s responsibility and assist in determining repairs that the customer may need a plumber to address.

Our goal is to strengthen communications with our customers and to continue to deliver excellence to the last drop to all in everything we do.


  • Water and Sewer Rates Fiscal Year 2023: PDF | RTF