CSID Customer Service FAQs

Q:   Why is my utility bill higher than normal?

A:    There are many contributors associated with receiving a higher-than-average utility bill.  Some common causes we have seen are:

  • A toilet that continuously runs due to internal tank components malfunctioning and sometimes right after use.
  • A pipe leaking that may be concealed underground or behind a wall.
  • Hose bibs that are open or possibly dripping even after use.
  • Water filtration or softener equipment developed a leak.
  • Adding additional water to your swimming pool due to evaporation or a leak.
  • Irrigating your property.
  • Additional persons visiting.
  • Children not normally in the home return for the summer or an extended period.
  • Water heater malfunction.

Q:    I recently filled my swimming pool; can I receive a credit?

A:    CSID provides a credit to fill your pool once per calendar year and is applied to the sewer portion of your bill. The pool credit is based on an average pool size of 15,000 gallons. Once we have received the requested documentation and the consumption is reflected on the account, we will apply a credit to the sewer portion of your bill.

Q:    I had a leak repaired at my property; can I receive a credit?

A:    Yes. If a leak occurred at your property due to a pipe leaking underground or behind a wall, submit an invoice/receipt from the hired certified plumber who made the repairs or a receipt from the local hardware store showing material was purchased to repair the leak by the owner. Once we receive the required documentation and verify the leak no longer exists, we will review the highest bill during the timeframe the leak existed and consider an adjustment on the sewer portion of the bill during that time based on what the average sewer usage is for the account.

Q:   I am moving, how do I close my utility billing account with CSID?

A:    To close your utility billing account, we require 24 hours notice prior to the closing date so that we may visit the property and collect the last meter reading. We also require the name of the new owner as well as forwarding address to send the final bill or any applicable credits. Fill out an online form to assist with closing your account.

Q:   I just purchased a home in the 33071 ZIP code. how do I open a utility billing account with CSID?

A:   If the property is being purchased,  we need to receive a closing date. We then visit the property on that date to obtain a beginning meter reading and leave a welcome package at the front door. The welcome package contains a service application that needs to be filled out and returned along with a copy of the warranty deed.

If renting the property, provide us with the move in date. We require the same service application and a rental lease agreement in place of the warranty deed.

Q:   What days can I water my lawn since there are still watering restrictions in place?

A:    Addresses ending in odd numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 are designated on Wednesdays and Saturdays anytime outside of 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. Addresses ending in even numbers 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8 are designated on Thursdays and Sundays outside of 10 a.m. through 4 p.m. Any property that does not have a physical address follows the even schedule. These restrictions are per the South Florida Water Management District and are year-round.