A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Coral Springs Improvement District was held on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. at the District Office, 10300 NW 11th Manor, Coral Springs, Florida. 


            Present and constituting a quorum were:


            Martin Shank                                      President

            Theodore Mena                                   Vice President

            Duane Holland                                    Secretary


            Also present were:


            Kenneth Cassel                                   District Manager

            William G. Capko                               District Counsel

            Dan Daly                                             Director of Operations

            Kay Woodward                                  District Accountant

            John McKune                                      District Consultant

            David McIntosh                                  Wastewater Department

            Ed Stover                                            Water Department

            Randy Frederick                                 Drainage Supervisor

            Stephen Seigfried                               CSID                                      

            Cory Johnson                                      CH2M Hill

            Joe Brown                                           Lanzo Construction

            Jorge Acosta                                       Resident

            Krista Smith                                        Resident


            The following is a summary of the minutes and actions taken during the October 17, 2011 CSID Board of Supervisors Meeting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS                             Roll Call

            Mr. Cassel called the meeting to order and called the roll. 


SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS                        Approval of Minutes

A.                September 19, 2011 Regular Meeting

B.                 October 4, 2011 Special Meeting

            Mr. Shank stated each Board member received a copy of the minutes of the September 19, 2011 regular meeting and October 4, 2011 special meeting and requested any corrections, additions or deletions.

            One change was made on page 14 of the September 19, 2011 meeting adding the word ‘code’ before ‘ranger’.


On MOTION by Mr. Holland seconded by Mr. Mena with all in favor the minutes of the September 19, 2011 and October 4, 2011 meetings were approved as amended.


            Mr. Shank requested more details in the summary minutes.


THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS                            Acceptance of District Counsel Resignation

            The following was discussed:

·         Mr. Shank reported Mr. Lyles submitted his resignation as District counsel effective October 17, 2011 after 15 years of providing service with distinction to the District.

·         Mr. Holland asked what the orderly transition will entail. 

·         Mr. Shank stated at the October 4, 2011 meeting the Board narrowed down the choices for District counsel representation to two; Mr. Lyles and Lewis, Longman & Walker.  Lewis, Longman & Walker are present at the meeting to serve as District counsel.

·         Mr. Holland asked if Mr. Lyles is obligated to update Lewis, Longman & Walker for the transition.  Mr. Cassel responded Mr. Lyles has already updated the new firm with continuity files. 

·         Mr. Mena stated Mr. Lyles and his firm served the District for 15 years with distinction and honor.  He presented to the Board a request to direct staff to order a plaque honoring Mr. Lyles for his service to the District.


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Holland with all in favor a letter of gratitude for his services as well as the plaque will be delivered to Mr. Lyles in person. 


FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                        Discussion and Appointment of New District Counsel

            This item will be covered under the fifth order of business.


FIFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                             Approval of Engagement Letter with New District Counsel


On MOTION by Mr. Holland seconded by Mr. Shank with all in favor the engagement letter with Lewis, Longman & Walker for their services as District counsel was approved.


SIXTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                             Discussion and Appointment of Board Member to the Broward County Water Resources Task Force

            The following was discussed:

·         Mr. Cassel explained Broward County has a Technical Advisory Committee for water as well as several other committees. 

·         Broward County also has a Task Force consisting of members from various water utilities, special districts and cities. 

·         One of the seats on the Task Force is reserved for an elected official from an independent district.  Mr. Hanks, a previous CSID Board member, served on the Task Force.

·         Mr. O’Quinn contacted Mr. Cassel today to see if the District is interested in re-appointing a Board member to the seat.

·         The Task Force meets quarterly. 

·         They read the information compiled by several advisory committees and discuss concepts and ideas on issues affecting all districts and water users in Broward County.

·         If the Board is interested, they may appoint a Board member to serve as well as an alternate in case the person appointed cannot attend the meeting. 

·         The last Task Force meeting was October 7, 2011.

·         A tour of the C-51 reservoir is scheduled for November 4, 2011 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

·         Mr. Holland expressed interest in serving as the alternate and Mr. Mena expressed interest in filling the vacant seat on the Task Force.




On MOTION by Mr. Shank seconded by Mr. Holland with all in favor Mr. Mena was appointed to serve on the Broward County Water Resources Task Force and Mr. Holland was appointed as the alternate Board member to serve in the case Mr. Mena is unable to attend a meeting. 


·         Mr. Mena requested he be brought up to date on what has been transpiring on the Task Force over the past two quarters.  Mr. Cassel will forward the minutes and agendas from the Task Force meetings to Mr. Mena. 


SEVENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                      Consideration of Work Authorization #62 from CH2M Hill

            The following was discussed:

·         Mr. Shank asked if the items discussed at the last meeting, which the Board did not agree with, were addressed and changed in the work authorization.

·         Mr. Cassel stated the work authorization does not reflect the mark-up changes Mr. Lyles sent to CH2M Hill. 

·         Mr. Cassel recommends the Board approve the initial sum of money and the work authorization subject to District counsel and District manager working out the appropriate language within the work authorization to meet the needs of the District.

·         This needs to be resolved as soon as possible so CH2M Hill can begin the research needed to move forward toward the mediation process with the contractor. 

·         Mr. Holland’s concern is with the subtle language in the work authorization.  The content of the monthly summaries is extremely important and he would like CH2M Hill to take more responsibility in making a statement. 

·         Mr. Cassel stated their summaries only include who did what and what task they are working on under the basis of compensation.  District staff wants specific tasks formulated by the District with a comparative analysis of ‘x’ and ‘y’.  For example, Mr. Cassel will send a request in writing to CH2M Hill for a task to be performed.  CH2M Hill will perform the task and provide the District with the deliverable of the comparison.  It requires more work from Mr. Cassel and Mr. McKune to make sure what they are requesting gives them a similar comparison as to what has been provided by the contractor in order to have an ‘apples’ to ‘apples’ comparison.

·         Each task will be separate.

·         There is two and a half years worth of paperwork to go through.  Staff wants to ensure they are looking at the correct paperwork. 

·         Mr. Holland’s concern is with the specificity of the claims and wants the District to be clear on what they want CH2M Hill to provide in way of information.

·         Mr. Cassel stated each task will specify what the District is looking for. 

·         Mr. Shank stated he does not see an hourly charge on the work authorization.  He does not want to pay senior project manager fees for CH2M Hill to go through their paperwork. 

·         Mr. Cassel stated he will need to discuss who will go through the paperwork with Mr. Johnson.  All the charges are based on the fees outlined in the base contract between CH2M Hill and the District. 

·         Mr. Johnson stated most of the work will be done by Mr. Easton and himself. 

·         Mr. Mena does not understand the mentality on how these types of things are done.  He feels “the horse is out of the barn” and the Board has no choice, but to go with ‘his’ recommendation.

·         Mr. Mena has a problem with the word ‘observe’.  He stated CH2M Hill will observe an item the contractor is working on and then allow the contractor to make a mistake, which they observed was going to happen.  They do not say anything because it is not their job to tell the contractor, but then they hold up the project.  He is not pleased with how things were done prior to the new Board. 

·         Mr. Shank stated this is about getting ready for mediation.  Some information will need to be obtained from CH2M Hill and Lanzo for the District to understand its position in the mediation process. 

·         Mr. Holland stated he does not have a problem paying for good data, but he understands what Mr. Mena is saying.  If someone observed the contractor doing something outside of the specifications or observed a problem, it should have been red flagged and submitted in the report.  He wants more specificity in the reports.

·         Mr. Shank stated no one knew there was a problem until CH2M Hill changed inspectors and Mr. Easton was put on the project.

·         Mr. Johnson stated there are daily inspection reports he can provide to the Board.  He does not want to make any statements at this meeting which may affect CH2M Hill during the mediation. 

·         Mr. McKune stated the word ‘observe’ has to do with the daily inspection reports.  What is being discussed now is more specific.  A particular activity or event will be chosen and specific questions will be asked.  The District has an interest in getting answers to those questions.  CH2M Hill may be reluctant to provide some information as it may impact their position in the mediation.

·         Mr. Holland stated he does not want CH2M Hill to do more than what they are currently doing with the exception of providing more details in their reports and letting the Board know when there is an issue. 

·         Mr. Mena asked Mr. Johnson if he or a CH2M Hill inspector would allow the welder to do the work erroneously if they observed the incorrect welding bead being used.  Mr. Johnson stated the CH2M Hill inspectors are not certified welders and not qualified to make the determination.  Lanzo had a certified inspector providing inspection reports.  If they were certified welders and knew the welds were bad, they would have informed Lanzo.  The reports provided by the certified inspectors stated the welds were good.  Mr. Easton has more experience with welding issues than the previous inspector did.

·         Mr. Shank asked if CH2M Hill questioned whether the welding was being done to specifications.  Mr. Johnson stated the certified welding inspector hired by Lanzo is supposed to be looking at the welding procedures and providing reports to the District. 

·         Mr. Brown stated the onsite inspector at the time told Lanzo the welds had to be 100% visually inspected.  This was conveyed to the welding inspector who performed the visual inspections.  When Mr. Easton joined the project, he requested further testing. 

·         Mr. Shank noted these types of weld issues cannot be seen in visual inspections. 

·         Mr. Cassel stated when preparing for mediation like this you are not sure how much information will be needed.  Each task needs to be controlled and a tranche of dollars is necessary to work against.  Mr. Cassel does not want to go with a large amount of money in the beginning.  He wants to get the necessary information without wasting unnecessary time and money. 

·         Mr. Mena asked Mr. Cassel and Mr. McKune if they are comfortable with the amount indicated in the work authorization.  Both Mr. McKune and Mr. Cassel agree to it as an initial amount. 


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Holland with all in favor Work Authorization #62 was approved subject to Mr. Cassel, Mr. Capko and Mr. McKune’s acceptability of the wording within the document to be worked out with CH2M Hill.


FIFTEENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                              Supervisors’ Requests and Audience Comments

            Ms. Smith addressed the Board and the following was discussed:

·         She owns a home in the District, 11856 NW 2nd Street, and has 50 feet in the backyard from the screen enclosure to the canal.

·         She would like to install a fence 30 feet out from her property line into the District’s right-of-way easement.

·         Her contractor will install a double gate so the District will have access to the area if needed. 

·         She has three dogs she wants to keep out of the canal and also wants to prevent other dogs from going in her backyard. 

·         Mr. Mena stated he went to the property and looked at it.  There are a lot of feet, which are not being used.  She was told she could only install a fence 14 feet from the back of her house, which leaves approximately 40 feet of the yard she is maintaining. 

·         Mr. Shank asked Mr. Frederick if 20 feet is sufficient for District staff to access the canal.  Mr. Frederick responded it probably is, but it is District property. 

·         Mr. Frederick stated there needs to be wording in the permit stating if the District needs to tear down the fence, they can at the homeowner’s expense.

·         Mr. Holland asked District counsel what liabilities will the District incur if anything happens.

·         Mr. Capko stated the risk of litigation is elevated with any activity allowed on District property.  If the new Board begins to allow encroachments on District property, he recommends a policy is put in place with guidelines under what circumstances encroachments will be allowed.

·         Mr. Shank is fine with providing waivers to encroachments providing the homeowner agrees to the fact it may have to be taken down to access the canal.

·         Mr. Capko stated it will make things more challenging for the Board if they allow encroachments.  In cases where they are isolated or allowed by policy he recommends the landowner enter into an indemnification and removal agreement with the District, which will get recorded with the property in the case it is sold to a new homeowner.  He also recommends making sure there is a gate on any fence so District personnel can access when necessary.

·         Mr. Frederick asked if a fence will be allowed, will any other structure be allowed inside the fence as well.  Mr. Mena stated only the fence will be allowed.

·         Mr. Mena stated not all areas will be able to do this, but there is 50 feet behind her property.  He feels the Board needs to be more flexible. 


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Holland with all in favor the installation of a fence at 11856 NW 2nd Street within District property was approved subject to the execution of an encroachment agreement indemnifying the District and allowing the District access.


EIGHTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                         Consideration of the July and August Invoices from CH2M Hill

            The following was discussed:

·         Mr. Cassel noted the mark-ups he made to the copies provided in the agenda package take out the amount of time listed for Plant F.

·         Mr. Cassel recognized the names of the individuals listed in the invoices as being involved in the project.  He verified with Mr. Johnson the names he did not recognize.  The figures add up to the individuals listed as working on the project. 

·         Mr. Mena stated he thought the amount of $33,000 was broken down based on the contract, but it turns out it is in addition to the contract. 

·         According to Work Authorization #50 anything past 22 months of the work authorization gets billed on a time and materials basis.  These two invoices are for June through August.

·         Mr. Cassel also removed Mr. Easton’s travel allowance from the invoices because the Board never agreed to it.

·         Mr. Mena asked what the problem was with the nano plant for the District to be charged $33,000 in the June through July invoice.  Mr. Cassel stated it was for Mr. Easton’s time onsite, Mr. Johnson’s involvement tracking the project coordination and Ms. van Raavensway has been involved offsite.

·         Mr. Johnson stated there is time Ms. van Raavensway is involved and it is not charged to the District. 

·         Mr. Mena is not pleased with the prices CH2M Hill is charging. 

·         Mr. Holland does not like the fact $5,244 was in one of the invoices for Mr. Easton’s allowance.

·         Mr. Shanks asked about the O&M manuals and if they were part of the set fee.  Mr. Johnson stated the District has not been billed for them yet.  The District is charged for the review of the O&M manuals provided by the equipment suppliers.  They use some of the information in them along with their knowledge of the plant to develop an O&M manual tailored to the District’s plant. 

·         Mr. Holland asked why review of the O&M manuals provided by the equipment suppliers is not part of the overall cost.  He understands the function is necessary, but does not understand why it is not part of the overall fee.

·         Mr. Mena asked if this is standard.  Mr. McKune stated the District has a complex plant.  The equipment suppliers provide manuals for their equipment.  Mr. Johnson takes the individual parts of the manuals to construct a manual for the entire plant.


On MOTION by Mr. Shank seconded by Mr. Holland with Mr. Shank and Mr. Holland voting aye and Mr. Mena voting nay Invoice #3809086 from CH2M Hill in the amount of $44,427.78 and Invoice #3809272 in the amount of $37,970.09 as marked up by the District manager were approved.


NINTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                            Lanzo Project Update

            Mr. Brown provided the following updates:

            Plant F

·         They are correcting all the areas tested and the painter is completing his work.

·         The painting contractor has provided a three year warranty as requested by the Board.

·         He is putting up a bond in the approximate amount of $140,000.

·         He is worried about the extra inspections taking place and would like to know where the line will be drawn on the inspections as well as additional testing.

·         Mr. Johnson stated the engineers are going to do holiday testing of the paint to make sure the imperfections were repaired.  They are going to make sure the painters performed to the description they gave the Board and then they will certify the work with any necessary disclaimers.

·         Mr. Brown stated Mr. McKune has walked through the tank with Mr. Easton.  They are down to the final process of certifying the tank.  He wants to know how many times they are going to walk through the tank and inspect it. 

·         Mr. McKune stated they will walk through it one time.  Mr. Easton and Mr. McKune agreed to allow the painter to do what he said he will do in the manner he feels is appropriate.  When the painter is done Mr. Easton will walk through the tank and reject where the holidays are.  He will come up with a recommendation.  Mr. McKune will have his own interpretation and the Board will decide. 

·         The completion date is scheduled for November 30, 2011.

·         Mr. Shank asked about the testing of the valves and motors outside of the plant.  They were already started up initially and every impeller is being rotated at least once a week. 

            Nano Plant

·         Lanzo completed and tested the work.  They discovered a leak in a piece of fabricated stainless steel pipe.  It was corrected about a week ago and there was additional testing.  They are 60% complete with additional pressure testing.

·         After the additional pressure testing is completed the membranes will be installed.

·         The scheduled completion date is November 30, 2011.

·         Mr. Shank stated he was informed of two possible problems.  He expressed concern for the membranes’ shelf life.  Mr. Brown stated they have a letter from the manufacturer who will certify the membranes.  They are operable and ready to be put in service. 

·         The other issue of concern is the motors for the chemicals.  Mr. Johnson stated they are seeing odd results.  They changed the liquid in the chemical metering pumps to a larger pump.  CH2M Hill bought the liquid to mitigate the issue at no charge to the District.  They were installed and tested October 14, 2011 as well as today and are seeing ‘odd behavior’.  The ground water should have stable flat line water quality.  Everything is running normal when it is operated.  The acid dose rate starts to increase with no change in anything else.  CH2M Hill is trying to figure out what the problem is.  They will do what is necessary to resolve the issue with the acid motors.  It will be corrected by the startup date.

·         Mr. Mena walked the site and observed many filter pods leaking.  Mr. McKune clarified it was the cartridges which were leaking during the testing.  Mr. Brown stated there will be some leaking because they are currently running it 400 PSI.  They will never be at 400 PSI because once the membranes are in the pressure goes down.  This tested the stainless steel pipe, which feeds it.  The vessels were tested in the factory at 600 PSI.

·         Mr. Mena stated there is a valve leaking by the overhead door in the rear since he came on the Board in June.  Mr. Brown is not familiar with what Mr. Mena is referencing, but will look at it tomorrow. 


TENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                           Consideration of Chemical Bids

            Mr. Cassel discussed the following:

·         Every year the District requests bids for chemicals to treat the canals for aquatic herbicides.  This is done in conjunction with other PTWCD, SWCD and NSID. 

·         Vendors’ prices differ on the products; therefore, staff seeks approval to purchase the supplies from the various vendors at the lowest price. 

·         Helena Chemical, Crop Production Services, Winfield Solutions and Alligare are the four vendors the District will purchase chemicals from over the next year. 

·         This expense has been budgeted.


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Holland with all in favor the chemical bids were awarded, as recommended by staff, to the lowest bidders indicated on the bid tabulation sheet.


ELEVENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                              Consideration of Engagement Letter for Arbitrage Calculations

            Mr. Cassel discussed the following:

·         Grau & Associates completed the District’s arbitrage calculations in 2008. 

·         Arbitrage calculations are done an average of every five years’; however, it is recommended for consideration when there is a new Board. 

·         Severn Trent Services obtained proposals from Grau & Associates, Berger, Toombs, Elam, Gaines & Frank, and AMTEC.  Grau & Associates lowered their price from $800 a year to $750.  The other two quoted $600 per year.  Severn Trent Services has experience working with all three companies.  AMTEC performs the services and provides the information faster.

·         Mr. Shank does not understand why arbitrage rebate calculations are needed.

·         Ms. Woodward stated arbitrage rebate is required by the Federal Government.  When tax exempt bonds are issued the Federal Government does not want the District to profit from the benefit of a lower interest rate on payments.  The District pays approximately $1.9 Million a year in interest expense on the bonds.  The government does not want the District to take the principal on the bonds and invest it to make more than $1.9 Million.  This is not an issue since the District has made no interest income due to the rate being paid on the funds with US Bank. The District has paid out $1.9 Million and the rebate calculation will indicate the District made no excess interest.  If the District made an excess interest income amount and at the end of the life of the bond the figure continued to be an excess interest income amount, the District would be required to rebate the excess interest income back to the government. 

·         Mr. Shank asked if there is any way to make interest on the money sitting there.  Ms. Woodward stated you can if the economy improves. 

·         Ms. Woodward explained when you issue the bonds; part of the bond contract indicates where the funds will be trusteed.  The District is tied to having the funds on deposit with US Bank, which is paying 0% on excess interest.

·         Mr. Cassel will have Mr. Bloom look into how US Bank has their interest structured. 


On MOTION by Mr. Holland seconded by Mr. Shank with all in favor the engagement letter with AMTEC for arbitrage rebate services was approved.





TWELFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                     Staff Reports

A.                Manager

·         Utility Billing Work Orders

            The following was discussed:

·         Mr. Shank noticed the customer inquiries requiring work orders have gone up over the past couple of years.

·         Mr. Daly explained this is normal when the water rates go up. 

·         Mr. Daly stated the other part is reflected in the fact the District took in an additional $600,000 in revenue.  This means there are leaky toilets, overwatering and other similar issues.  When this happens the District receives more inquiries. 

·         Mr. Holland asked what the trend is in shut-offs.  Mr. Daly stated the trend is approximately 50 shut-offs a month. 

·         Mr. Shank asked if the pressure in the pipes will be increased when the nano plant goes online.  It was explained there will be no changes or improvements to the high service pump station right now. 

·         Mr. Holland asked how long the pipes have been in place.  Mr. Cassel responded approximately 30 years. 

·         Mr. Daly announced Mr. McIntosh obtained his Class A Water License a couple of months ago. 

·         The newsletter went out.  There was positive feedback from the residents. 


·         Discussion and Consideration of Advertising RFQ for Engineering Consulting Services to the District

            Mr. Cassel discussed the following:

·         He distributed under separate cover a preliminary RFQ notice for engineering consulting services.

·         The District will soon max out what is allowed under the CCNA for one time services from Mr. McKune.

·         If the District will continue to use Mr. McKune or anyone else in his capacity, the District will have to follow the CCNA guidelines for the specific tasking. 

·         This is a draft, which needs to be reviewed and revised by District counsel.

·         Mr. Cassel is requesting approval to notice the RFQ to get it back in time so there is no lapse in operations.


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Holland with all in favor the Board approved advertising the RFQ for engineering consulting services.


·         Monthly Aerial Photographs

            The following was discussed:

·         Mr. Mena questioned the purpose of having the photographs every month.

·         Mr. Daly explained they signed up to have the pictures taken when there was a great deal of activity.

·         Mr. Mena asked how much it cost the District.  Mr. Daly responded it cost $80 a month. 


            C.        Engineer

·         Project Status Report

            The following was discussed:

·         Mr. Shank asked what the Reuse Feasibility Study is about. 

·         Mr. Johnson explained they prepared the Reuse Feasibility Study as part of the wastewater treatment plant review.  It was also part of a potential grant application with Broward County.

·         Mr. Shank would like to talk with the city to see if they are interested in purchasing reuse water from CSID for irrigation if the District upgrades their wastewater treatment plant to produce reuse water.


B.                 Attorney

            Mr. Capko reported the following:

·         Mr. Lewis and Mr. Capko met with Mr. Lyles last Monday to go over all the District files.

·         Mr. Lyles sent out a letter, as requested by the Board, to the District engineer regarding their lack of cooperation with a request for public records.  He did not receive a response to the letter.  Mr. Capko will check on the status. 

·         Mr. Shank requested the Board be copied on any letters sent out per the Board’s direction. 

·         Mr. Shank requested Mr. Capko meet with Ms. Woodward to go over how she would like his firm’s billing be done.

·         Mr. Shank stated there is an area where the canal is eroding the bank up to a property owner’s fence.  He would like legal opinion on who is responsible for bank erosion.  This area is located at NW 2nd Street and NW 121st Terrace.


THIRTEENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS              Approval of September Financials and Check Registers

            Ms. Woodward reviewed the following:

·         Everything is running in accordance with the original budget.

·         No budget amendments will need to be made this year to either the general fund budget or the water and sewer budget. 

·         Staff is in the process of getting ready for the field work for the audit. 

·         In another month there will be adjustments in the general ledger with figures which will be closer to the final auditing financials. 


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Holland with all in favor the September financials were approved.


FOURTEENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS             Consideration of Participation in City of Coral Springs Parade

            The following was discussed:

·         Mr. Daly reported he was asked if CSID can participate in the parade. 

·         The Board discussed the request and agreed to participate. 

·         The District’s participation will be staffed by employee volunteers and consist of a truck towing a boat with banners and candy.


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Holland with all in favor CSID will participate in the City of Coral Springs Parade using employee volunteers with expenses not to exceed $250.


FIFTEENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                                                      Supervisors’ Requests and Audience Comments

            The following was discussed:

·         Mr. Shank discussed the interconnect with SWCD.  He toured the area with Mr. Frederick and suggested the District help with some of the expenses because it benefits from the interconnect. 

·         Mr. Shank stated the topics he would like to discuss at the upcoming workshops are legal/lobbying, organization and future planning. 

·         Mr. Holland stated the Board needs a facilitator to help with the process of discussing the Board’s vision and the District’s organization. 

·         Mr. Shank wants feedback from the department heads on what they need, want and the projects they envision the District needs over the next 30 years. 

·         Mr. Holland thinks the direction the Board is going in will meet the needs of the community. 

·         Mr. Mena welcomed Mr. Capko to the District.  He looks forward to working with him and hopes the old ways of doing things in the District will change for the better. 

·         Mr. Mena hopes District staff is happy with the changes being made by the new Board.  He thanked them for all their work.  He also complimented Mr. McKune for his work on the District. 

·         Mr. Mena received a call from a resident who mistakenly contacted the City of Coral Springs about people who are delinquent on their bills.  He feels the Board should review the delinquency policy.

·         Mr. Daly stated there are currently no strict guidelines for people who are delinquent.  Currently the water gets shut off if a customer is two months behind.  Delinquent notices are hand delivered and $20 is charged to the account for the service. 

·         Mr. Cassel noted District staff strives for consistency in the application of any policy.

·         There was discussion regarding a code of conduct for the Board. 

·         Mr. Acosta stated he is a member of FWPCOA as well as an instructor.  It is an organization which has been around since 1941 and is solely dedicated to teaching wastewater and water distribution operators.  They will be hosting a meeting at NSID on November 16, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.  He invited the Board to attend the meeting. 

·         Mr. Cassel received an email Friday morning from Mr. Quinton Williams asking if the Board wanted to take the funds granted by FEMA to use towards another culvert issue identified in the plans submitted or if the Board is okay with not using any of the funds.  This will be discussed at one of the workshops.  Mr. Shank would like to use it towards the interconnect with SWCD if possible. 


SIXTEENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                 Continuation of Meeting to October 24, 2011

            There being no further business,


On MOTION by Mr. Shank seconded by Mr. Mena with all in favor the meeting was continued to October 24, 2011 immediately following the workshop meeting. 





Kenneth Cassel                                         Martin Shank

Assistant Secretary                                   President






Continued from 10/24/11 below












Continued from 10/24/11




            The recessed meeting of October 17, 2011 of the Board of Supervisors of the Coral Springs Improvement District was reconvened on Tuesday, October 24, 2011 immediately following the workshop meeting at the District Office, 10300 NW 11th Manor, Coral Springs, Florida. 


            Present and constituting a quorum were:


            Martin Shank                                      President

            Theodore Mena                                   Vice President

            Duane Holland                                    Secretary


            Also present were:


            Kenneth Cassel                                   District Manager

            William Capko                                    District Counsel

            Terry E. Lewis                                    Lewis, Longman & Walker, PA

            Dan Daly                                             Director of Operations

            John McKune                                      District Consultant


            The following is a summary of the minutes and actions taken at the October 24, 2011 CSID Board of Supervisors Continued Meeting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS                             Roll Call

            Mr. Cassel called the meeting to order and called the roll. 


SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS                        Discussion and Approval of Purchase of ¾ Ton Truck with Utility Body

The following was discussed:

·         Plantation Ford submitted a bid in the amount of $25,566.82, which includes a five year/ 75,000 warranty.

·         Mr. Holland questioned why the District is not leasing the truck. 

·         Mr. Daly explained they use to lease, but they stopped three years ago.  The trucks were being turned in with very few miles.

·         This truck should last the District 10 years. 

·         This truck is $180 less than the one purchased in March.            

On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Holland with all in favor the purchase of a ¾ ton truck in the amount of $25,566.82 from Plantation Ford was approved


THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS                            FEMA Grant Update

            The following was discussed:

·         Mr. Cassel looked into whether FEMA grant funds can be used for a different project.

·         The only other project it can be used for is another culvert in the same cycle.

·         Because it is not the Board’s intent to move forward with any of the culvert issues, Mr. Cassel contacted Mr. Williams to notify him the Board will not use the funds towards any of the culverts in the cycle.


FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                        Supervisors’ Requests and Audience Comments

            The following was discussed:

·         Mr. Cassel provided the Board with sample agendas for the meetings.  Sample I has Audience Comments as the third order of business and Sample II has it as the third order of business and then again at the end of the meeting.

·         Mr. Holland attended the Eagle Trace Board of Governor’s meeting and they commended the Board for holding the regular meetings at 6:30 p.m.

·         Mr. Mena likes Sample II.

·         Mr. Holland feels having Audience Comments twice on the agenda is redundant. 

·         There was Board consensus to follow Sample I for future agendas.

·         Mr. Mena would like to have a time limit on all audience comments.  If there are several people in the audience who want to discuss the same issue, one person should represent everyone and address the Board on the issue. 


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Shank with all in favor audience comments will be limited to three minutes per person, per issue.


·         Mr. Shank addressed operation staff updates and the fact Mr. Stover did not report to the Board at the last meeting regarding the problem with the lime slakers.  He wants the department heads to notify the Board of any issues.

·         Mr. Daly and Mr. Cassel were aware of the issue and knew it was addressed.

·         Mr. Daly explained this has been an issue for six months.  This time both lime slakers stopped working due to electrical issues.  An electrician came out and repaired them both. 

·         The lime slakers need to be retired.  Initially staff was told the new nano filtration plant would be the only source of water and it would not be blended with lime softener.  Staff is hearing about other places with nano filtration plants, which still blend with lime softener.  If one of the lime softening plants needs to remain operational once the nano filtration plant is running, a new lime slaker will be installed.  This needs to be discussed with Mr. McKune and the District engineer.

·         Mr. Holland asked if there were any issues as a result of the lime slakers not working.  Mr. Daly responded there were no issues.

·         Mr. Holland would like to be notified immediately when there is a boil water notice so he can field questions from residents. 

·         Staff will prepare a report of issues and corrective measures taken to address them.  

·         Mr. Cassel and Mr. Daly will provide the Board with a summary of addressed issues.

·         Mr. McKune is working with Mr. Stover on the lime slaker issue.  He will provide a written report of what should be done and the associated cost.

·         Mr. Shank discussed preventative measures to avoid having a situation where the plant loses power resulting in a boil water notice.  He suggested contacting FPL regarding the power lines.

·         Mr. Cassel explained staff is going through an after action data download to analyze where the main issues are so protocols can be established. 

·         If there is another power outage, staff can switch it over to manual operation.

·         The transfer motor has not been replaced yet.  Staff is trying to find a replacement, but the supplier is having difficulty finding one.  They may need to get one from outside the country.  Mr. Daly ordered two motors.

·         Mr. Holland asked if SCADA would have provided immediate information.  Mr. Daly responded no. 

·         Mr. Shank asked about the generator.  Mr. Stover was instructed to contact a Caterpillar dealer to look at the generator engine. 

·         Mr. Cassel stated FPL will not provide information on the actual cause of the power outage.  Most of the time they do not know the cause of an outage. 

·         There are two separate issues.  The generator system has a transfer switch  and the generator came on, but the transfer switch motor failed.  Staff did not know how to transfer it manually.  The backup system is an engine driven pump which maintains 20 pounds of pressure.  There was a problem with the pump and it had to be shut down.  One of the staff members was able to manually transfer the generator switch.  Mr. Cassel explained the difficulty and danger involved in doing this. 

·         Staff will look into new safety features.  The transfer switch may need to be replaced.  Mr. Cassel recommends waiting until after the construction project is complete to do this because it ties the existing transfer switch into the new large generator. 

·         Mr. Shank asked if the primary generator can be used as a secondary generator once the nano filtration plant is running.  Mr. Daly and Mr. Cassel responded it will be sold as surplus equipment. 

·         Mr. Shank requested a legal update.

·         Mr. Capko stated because there is threat of imminent litigation, the Board will be able to have a shade meeting. 

·         Mediation is being postponed until December or possibly January.

·         There will also be a meeting with Mr. McKune and Mr. Johnson tomorrow morning to discuss parameters of what the District may ask CH2M Hill to provide.  Mr. Cassel, Mr. Capko and Mr. Johnson will have a conference call in the afternoon to discuss Work Authorization #62. 

·         Mr. Holland stated questions need to be pinpointed in a way where CH2M Hill will provide information. 

·         Mr. Cassel stated they have Lanzo’s timeline with what they believe are concurrent delays and individual delays.  The District needs CH2M Hill to provide their timeline of concurrent delays and actual delays. 

·         Mr. Cassel is trying to structure Work Authorization #62 in a way where he provides CH2M Hill with a description of what he wants them to provide.

·         Mr. Shank contacted Mr. Cassel after the October 17, 2011 because he is not pleased CH2M Hill is charging the District for the operation and maintenance manual.  He asked if the work authorization is structured on a lump sum basis, would CH2M Hill be able to charge the District for making the operation and maintenance manual.  Mr. Cassel told him they could not.  This will be discussed in mediation. 

·         Mr. Cassel stated there will be a closeout bill on Work Authorization #50, which will include the lump sum as well as the hourly fees.  If they had to review the separate operation and maintenance manuals to put together the main manual under the lump sum, the District should not be charged for them reviewing it at this point. 

·         Mr. Shank stated CH2M Hill was given a task to review the engineering portion of the contracts for the project and they approved it.  They are not taking responsibility for anything. 

·         There was discussion regarding faulty engineering designs on the construction project.  Mr. McKune clarified the specification written by the District engineer stated the structural design had to be done by an engineer contracted by the contractor.  Mr. Capko pointed out CH2M Hill signed off on the design. 

·         Mr. Shank noted there was a nine month delay because CH2M Hill did not agree to an acceptable solution to construction issues.  This delay pushed the project passed the 22 months indicated in Work Authorization #50. 

·         Mr. Capko noted the contractor’s engineer may be liable as well. 

·         Mr. Cassel noted the contractor’s bonding company disengaged themselves from them. 

·         Mr. Capko is handling a similar issue with another client, which involves CH2M Hill. 

·         Mr. Shank brought up the fact the same design engineer and contractor built Plant E.

·         Mr. Capko stated CH2M Hill has potential liability and negligent oversight. 

·         Mr. Shank asked if the District was liable for not having the construction contract sent for legal review.  Mr. Capko responded the District’s insurance company will cover the old Board on any legal issues. 

·         Senior Lanzo management has requested a lunch meeting with Mr. Shank.  Mr. Mena suggested Mr. McKune attend the lunch meeting with Mr. Shank.  Mr. Capko and Mr. Holland agreed. 

·         Lanzo made a public records request.  The records they need are kept by CH2M Hill.  CH2M Hill refused to comply with the records request.  Mr. Lyles sent CH2M Hill a letter notifying them they must comply with the records request because they are District records.

·         There was discussion regarding the general dynamics of litigation with a firm like CH2M Hill.  District counsel recommends going through the mediation process before entering into litigation. 


FIFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                             Other Matters

            There not being any, the next item followed.


SIXTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                             Adjournment

            There being no further business,


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Holland with all in favor the meeting was adjourned.







Kenneth Cassel                                         Martin Shank

Assistant Secretary                                   President