A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Coral Springs Improvement District was held on Monday, June 20, 2011 at approximately 4:00 p.m. at the District Office, 10300 NW 11th Manor, Coral Springs, Florida. 


            Present and constituting a quorum were:


            Martin Shank                                       President

            Theodore Mena                                   Vice President

            Jay Oremland                                      Secretary


            Also present were:


            Kenneth Cassel                                    District Manager

            Dennis Lyles                                        District Counsel

            Jane Early                                            District Engineer

            Dan Daly                                             Director of Operations

            Kay Woodward                                   District Accountant

            David Macintosh                                 Wastewater Department

            Ed Stover                                             Water Department

            Carl Easton                                          CH2M Hill

            Michael Bone                                      Lanzo Construction

            Joe Brown                                           Lanzo Construction


FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS                     Roll Call

            Mr. Mena called the meeting to order and called the roll. 


SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS                Organizational Matters

            A.        Oath of Office for Newly Elected Supervisors                     

Mr. Mena asked do you have some suggestions for this particular meeting Mr. Cassel because obviously we are not versed in the agenda at this time?

            Mr. Cassel responded yes.  The first order of business is organizational matters.  Since you all have just been elected, the first item is to swear you in as Supervisors.  We will administer the Oath of Office.  There is also the resolution codifying that.  Then we can move forward from there. 

            You have before you a written copy of the Oath of Office.  If you will fill out your name, print it out, sign and date it, after the Oath of Office I will check your ideas and do the certifications since I am a Notary.

            Mr. Cassel, being a Notary Public of the State of Florida, administered the Oath of Office to Mr. Mena, Mr. Oremland and Mr. Shank and a copy of the signed oath is attached hereto and made part of the public record.

            Mr. Cassel stated congratulations gentlemen.  Welcome aboard. 


            B.         Election of Officers – Resolution 2011-3

Mr. Cassel stated the next item is the election of officers for the Board.  You have a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.  For Treasurer what we typically do with the other districts we manage is to have the Regional General Manager for Severn Trent Management Services act as your Treasurer and other members of management act as your third party Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary.  Here is a copy of the proposed resolution.  It would be up to the Board to nominate one individual to serve as President, one as Vice President and the other as Secretary.


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Shank with all in favor Mr. Oremland was nominated as Secretary.


On MOTION by Mr. Oremland seconded by Mr. Mena with all in favor Mr. Shank was nominated as President.


On MOTION by Mr. Shank seconded by Mr. Oremland with all in favor Mr. Mena was nominated as Vice President.


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Oremland with all in favor Mr. Koncar was nominated as Treasurer, Mr. Bloom as Assistant Treasurer, Mr. Cassel as Assistant Treasurer and Assistant Secretary, and Mr. Daly as Assistant Secretary.


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Shank with all in favor Resolution 2011-3, designating officers of the District as previously outlined, was adopted.


            Mr. Mena asked now that we have a President, should we turn this over to Mr. Shank?

            Mr. Cassel responded yes.  Mr. Shank can take over the meeting from here.

            Mr. Shank stated I would like to thank Mr. Mena and Mr. Oremland for running and being elected to the Board.  I hope to do as good a job as the last Board and be an asset to the landowners of the District.  Unfortunately we could not get the agenda package before right now so we are at a disadvantage at knowing what old business and new business is before this Board at this point.  I have a couple of things I want to get done and then I want to continue the meeting to a date and time certain so we can redo the agenda at that time.  I would like to get the minutes of the last two meetings as well as a copy of the agenda package.  I would like to set a time for the continuation of the meeting.  In two weeks?

            Mr. Oremland responded that is fine. 

            Mr. Mena stated Maybe Mr. Cassel can give us an idea on the schedule.  I would also like to recommend we change the 3:00 p.m. time, if we can do that, to a time when the public can come in such as 6:30 p.m. in the evening.

            Mr. Lyles stated the Board has discretion to change the meeting time and schedule.  The only thing is we will have to publish notice of the new schedule.


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Shank with all in favor the monthly meetings will be held at 6:30 p.m.      


            Mr. Oremland asked is that just the next coming meeting?

            Mr. Shank responded no.  The monthly meetings will be moved to 6:30 p.m.

            Mr. Cassel stated your best date from what I am seeing is July 11, 2011.  Your regular meeting is scheduled for July 18, 2011.

            Mr. Mena stated so we are not gaining anything.  I guess that gives us more time.  Do you think so Mr. Shank?

            Mr. Shank responded yes.

            Mr. Cassel stated so we will just change the time of the meeting to 6:30 p.m. on July 18, 2011.  We will take what is on this agenda.  In the meantime I will get the Board of Supervisors’ packages for you and other information to bring you up to date as to where we are with the various issues and projects.  We will get together the minutes of the last two or three meetings with the full agenda package and send it to all of you.  I will need email addresses and mailing addresses so I can get the information to you.  We will also be sending out to you the Form 1 forms, your financial disclosures, which you do have to file with the Supervisor of Elections before July 1, 2011.  We will get that out to you.  We will also get you your 1099 forms and all the rest of the documents will be sent to you by the recording secretary so that you can fill it out.

            Mr. Lyles stated in addition to those items they will also provide you with an informational pamphlet regarding the Sunshine Law and Public Records Law in the State of Florida, which you are all now subject to.  That takes affect immediately.  I have given each of you a card.  If you have questions, please give me a call at your convenience.  I also want to let you know that you are not permitted to discuss any item of business that is either to come before the Board or is reasonably likely to come before the Board for action, among yourselves.  You can talk to the staff.  You can talk to the community.  You can talk to other government officials.  You can talk to anyone you want to about anything, just not CSID business among yourselves.  I do not just mean the three of you getting together.  An email or telephone call between two of you also constitutes a violation of that provision of Florida Law.  Rather than go into great detail on all of that, it usually works best to take a look at the information the manager’s office will provide you and then just give me a call with any lingering questions. 

            Mr. Mena stated you are going to be a very important contact for us. 


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Oremland with all in favor an evaluation of all District staff’s responsibilities was requested. 


            Mr. Mena stated that does not mean anyone here is being targeted.

            Mr. Shank stated no, not at all.  We just want to find out for ourselves what is going on and have an evaluation. 


On MOTION by Mr. Oremland seconded by Mr. Shank with all in favor all cell phones are to be turned off during meetings.


            There being no further business at this time,


On MOTION by Mr. Mena seconded by Mr. Shank with all in favor the meeting and public hearing was continued to July 18, 2011 at 6:30 p.m.






Kenneth Cassel                                          Martin Shank

Assistant Secretary                                     President