A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Coral Springs Improvement District was held on Monday, May 24, 2011 at 3:05 p.m. at the District Office, 10300 NW 11th Manor, Coral Springs, Florida. 


            Present and constituting a quorum were:


            Robert Fennell                                     President

            Sharon Zich                                         Vice President

            Glenn Hanks                                        Secretary


            Also present were:


            Kenneth Cassel                                    District Manager

            Dennis Lyles                                        District Counsel

            Jane Early                                            District Engineer

            Dan Daly                                             Director of Operations

            Kay Woodward                                   District Accountant

            David Macintosh                                 Wastewater Department

            Ed Stover                                             Water Department

            Randy Frederick                                  Drainage Supervisor

            Cory Johnson                                      CH2M Hill

            Carl Easton                                          CH2M Hill

            Michael Bone                                      Lanzo Construction



FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS                     Roll Call

            Mr. Cassel called the meeting to order and called the roll. 


SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS                Approval of the Minutes of the April 18, 2011 Meeting

            Mr. Fennell stated each Board member received a copy of the minutes of the April 18, 2011 meeting and requested any corrections, additions or deletions.

            Mr. Cassel stated on the top of page five it should be “Mr. Lyles responded”.  The other one was on page 15.  Was it you again?

            Mr. Daly responded no.  It was someone unidentified.

            Mr. Cassel asked do you remember who it was?

            Mr. Daly responded Mr. Steve Siegfried.  He is our field manager.  He will be appearing nightly and at our meetings.   


On MOTION by Ms. Zich seconded by Mr. Fennell with all in favor the minutes of the April 18, 2011 meeting were approved as amended.


THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS                    Supervisors’ Requests and Audience Comments

            Mr. Bone stated I guess I can start with Plant F.  I had hoped to have good news for you and that we would be starting it up at the end of June.   We discovered some bad paint chips on Friday.  We had CH2M Hill, the manufacturer and the subcontractor out there.  The paint is coming off in big pieces.  The manufacturer is supposed to write a report and have it back here with a recommendation.  If you ask the painting subcontractor, it does not seem to be that big a thing.  Mr. Cassel and I walked the job.  Mr. Easton has been out there.  Some of it does not make sense.

            Mr. Hanks asked do you think it is a priming issue?

            Mr. Bone responded it looks to me like it is the lamination.  One coat is coming off of another coat.  In an epoxy based paint environment, when you let it dry to long, you have a window to apply a chemical softener to it.  It could have been there was some dust or sandblast residue.  It is not isolated in one spot.  These spots are occurring in a number of different places.  You have to do a pull out test.  If you get 600 to 700, it is in the realm of acceptability.  You will get one that is 900.  Then you walk to another area and it is 300.  I took some samples and we are going to have them evaluated.  I would think you would go in and profile the top coat, which is a brush blast and reapply another coat.  It is a pretty big area.  If we have to redo the whole interior of the tank, it is going to be six to seven weeks.

            Right now the center, we put the arms back in.  We had the representative from Westech out there today to accept them so we could pour the new concrete and grout.  I think they are going to have to re-blast the interior at least four feet up to get us started.  That will put us a week behind.  I need to get the manufacturer to certify what he has.  We are going to have to review their position.  Some of it is not even applied directly. 

            Mr. Fennell asked how important is the paint to the integrity of the tank? 

            Mr. Bone responded you paint it to prolong its life.  You want to start with a good coating.

            Mr. Cassel stated my concern is pieces peeling off and getting into the pumps and lines, which can transfer issues to other pieces of equipment.  I believe it is a critical element for the coating to be applied properly and that it stays on there.

            Mr. Hanks asked is the solution Mr. Bone presented for the means of remedying the situation acceptable to our engineer?

            Mr. Cassel responded they are not proposing.

            Mr. Bone stated we want to see the manufacturer’s recommendation.  CH2M Hill will look at it as we will.  I think we should test the entire interior of the tank, do a brush blast and see what pieces come off.  It is past the point of us showing them where it is bad.  It is at the point where they need to show us where it is good.  This just happened Thursday in the afternoon.  We only had a couple of days to work on it.  We only had one real meeting out there and had the manufacturer as well as the painter out there twice.  The engineer went out once. 

            Mr. Hanks asked how is the welding coming?

            Mr. Bone responded the welding is fine.  We got all the x-rays and we will have all of the certifications. 

            Mr. Easton stated it seems to be flaking, peeling and delaminating at various spots throughout the tank.  It could be for a number of reasons.  They did some testing today.  Some of them looked like they were reasonably good.  Some of them looked like they were low.

            Mr. Fennell asked given it has to be fixed, who will fix it and who will pay for it?

            Mr. Bone responded you will not.  The painter was at one time the third largest painting company in Florida.  They were big.  I do not think they are going to get up and walk away from it. 

            Mr. Daly asked have they been paid?

            Mr. Bone responded they were paid 100% for the wastewater plant.  They have not been paid for the sandblasting of the welds.  I am hoping the paint manufacturer will get involved.  I have seen this happen many times.  I have seen it in areas.  I have seen it fall off the walls.  I have seen one coat fall off the other, but I have not seen it so sporadically.   Something caused this.  They may have gone home for the weekend and let it dry too long, but this looks like there is something wrong with the paint. 

            Mr. Fennell asked how are the air handlers doing?

            Mr. Bone responded I gave Mr. Cassel the report on Friday.  In the initial review we found the environment described does not exist mathematically with the humidity. 

            Mr. Fennell stated we have current air handlers out there now.  We were working on having all of them replaced.  Are you saying they are good now?

            Mr. Bones responded my initial remediation response was to leave those in place.  There were enough welds, and all of the calculations were submitted, to let the pipe be tested to four or five times the operating pressure.  There was a type of welding material, 308L, and a type of pipe material, 304L, which was created to support carbide precipitation.  That was my presentation.  Mr. Cassel mentioned a metallurgy report that he had done, which stated fear of corrosion from the inside.  I sent my letter accepting the set before I saw that letter.  I did not have a chance to look at it.  We proceeded with replacing the pipe.  The drawings are at CH2M Hill right now for a brand new pipe.  I have to proceed with what I think is right.  We submitted the shop drawings.  They were approved.  Hopefully we have met Mr. Cassel’s concerns with what we have there.  I hate spending $130,000 to replace something that is more than adequate.

            Mr. Hanks stated so we are going to pull this back down to a couple of points.  When you agreed to replace these components you were not privy to the metallurgist report.  You had a chance to review it and have your consultants review it.  You do not agree with everything in the metallurgy report and you are presenting an alternate finding back to our District manager and our engineers that say you think it is okay.  Is that correct?

            Mr. Bone responded it was unofficially submitted to Mr. Cassel on Friday.

            Mr. Cassel stated I sent it over to the metallurgist we used before for him to review and report back to me. 

            Mr. Fennell asked have the pipes been pressure tested?

            Mr. Bone responded no.  I do not believe so.  I think our report says they were not and that they could be pressure tested up to 25 PSI. 

            Mr. Cassel stated I think I remember seeing 25 PSI somewhere in there. 

            Mr. Fennell stated we have not started.

            Mr. Bone stated we did not stop.  CH2M Hill has the new pipe drawing.  We issued a purchase order to Filter Fab.  It is moving forward. 

            Mr. Hanks stated so you initiated some of the process.  You just do not want to send it the rest of the way in case it comes back, we do not want you spending your money unnecessarily.  At the end of the day it needs to be done right.  We will listen to our engineers and come to an agreement on it.

            Mr. Fennell asked did you read the metallurgy report?

            Mr. Bone responded yes. 

            Mr. Fennell asked what is your conclusion from that report?

            Mr. Bone responded the pipe that is up there is fine.  It is not going to corrode from the inside. 

            Mr. Fennell asked the metallurgy report says that?

            Mr. Bone responded yes.

            Mr. Cassel stated their metallurgist’s report says that.  Our metallurgist raised a concern because it was not a full penetration weld that the potential for corrosion in the seam was significant that it needed to be full penetration welds to make sure you do not have the issue of having a place for the moisture to lay. 

            Mr. Bone stated the first metallurgist said this situation could exist, might exist, maybe it will.  You did not pay $20,000 to have it done.  Mr. Cassel sent that over to have your metallurgist review it.  If he spent more time and effort in this, he might see the light. 

            Mr. Daly asked what was the contract for?  What kind of weld?

            Mr. Johnson responded full penetration weld.

            Mr. Cassel stated all of the approved drawings say weld air tight and no questions were raised. 

            Mr. Bone stated the welds are more than adequate to supplant all of the pressure.  The environment that the first metallurgist indicated could be possible does not exist. 

            Mr. Hanks asked as it stands right now, with the paint issue inside of the tank, do you see the pending issue with the welds impacting the overall schedule for getting Plant F up and running at this point?

            Mr. Bone responded we are pushing.  CH2M Hill is reviewing the drawings for conformity with the specifications.  It will be a good six weeks to get that pipe back. 

            Mr. Fennell stated so there is an issue coming up.  You still have the initial solution going on, but it may be possible we will not have to replace it.

            Mr. Cassel stated it depends on how Mr. Grate reads their metallurgist’s report; whether he concurs with it or disagrees with it.  Then we will go from there.

            Mr. Fennell asked what did your metallurgist do that the other metallurgist did not?

            Mr. Bone responded I do not know.  We took temperatures, measured humidity and pulled off pipe caps on the existing air header on Plant E.  We put television cameras up there and x-rayed a number of welds on both Plant E and Plant F searching for the similarity of a weld to view it.  I can print one for Mr. Easton in color or I can email you all.  There was no corrosion present in Plant E on any weld; whether it is a full penetration weld or an 80% weld. 

            Mr. Hanks asked how long has Plant E been up and running?

            Mr. Bone responded I want to say seven years, but it might be longer.

            Mr. Hanks asked CH2M Hill; are there any questions or concerns?

            Mr. Easton responded we are pretty well documented on our opinion, but we will take a look at whatever Mr. Bone has for us to look at.

            Mr. Hanks stated because at the end of the day we want to be fair.

            Mr. Fennell asked is there anything else on Plant F?

            Mr. Bone responded no.  The nano plant; I printed the start up sheets and it has a schedule in the back.  We have been using these in our start up meetings and it shows when each of the pieces of equipments are going to be done.  I think we will have substantial completion by August 5, 2011.  I know different people have different opinions.

            Mr. Johnson stated we do not share Mr. Bone’s aggressive enthusiasm about his schedule.  Their electricians have not begun pulling the control wires.  There is a lot left to do in there.  We think September may be achievable, but October may be more realistic.

            Mr. Fennell stated they are starting to wire up all of the main banks into the motors.  That can actually go fairly quickly depending on how many people you have working on there.

            Mr. Bone stated on an average five, but there have been as many as seven.

            Mr. Fennell stated it looks like all of the main panels are there.

            Ms. Zich asked is the building completely enclosed now in the case we have a hurricane?

            Mr. Bone responded no.

            Ms. Zich stated we are now in hurricane season.

            Mr. Fennell asked will the doors come down?

            Mr. Bone responded yes. 

            Mr. Fennell stated the big doors will come down.  That is a big deal.  We have outside doors.

            Ms. Zich asked if we find out a hurricane is coming next week, can we enclose it enough?

            Mr. Hanks responded we have not taken possession of it.  We do not have to worry about it.

            Ms. Zich stated that is just my thought because hurricane season is upon us.

            Mr. Fennell stated they are moving pretty quickly right now.

            Mr. Hanks asked did the roof issue get resolved?

            Mr. Bone responded yes.

            Mr. Fennell stated they do not have all of the tin on the roof yet.

            Mr. Bone stated no.  I would say 80%.  They are moving along.  In the next week we should have tin up everywhere. 

            Mr. Fennell stated my guess is they will be substantially done with the wiring by July.  I think probably the short end of the schedule is once they start turning things on and they do not work. 

            Mr. Bone stated the initial tests are all done with full load electric.  It is not control.  Once this whole system gets up, I am thinking late June.  We have another month probably to get done with the control wiring and the lights.  I do not think the lights in the offices will be done for a month. 

            Mr. Fennell asked who is actually doing the programming of this?

            Mr. Johnson responded Hillers.

            Mr. Fennell asked have they done something similar to this before?

            Mr. Johnson responded they have a good resume and we have worked with them on a number of projects. 

            Mr. Cassel asked what are you guys going to do to make sure you hit this August 5, 2011 date?

            Mr. Bone responded work harder and smarter.

            Mr. Cassel asked what are you guys going to do to make sure you meet that date?

            Mr. Bone responded we have identified all of the tasks involved with that and have the man hours.  We check them off everyday.  We started at 30 days and we are down to 14.62 days. 

            Mr. Hanks asked Mr. Cassel, do you have any issues or questions?

            Mr. Cassel responded my concern is the disparity of the timeframe and estimates from CH2M Hill and Mr. Bone.  We talked about dates.  They seem to come and go.  I need to know how we are going to get it done.  I do not care what you have to do.  You have to hit your August 5, 2011 date.  I know you have several items that are critical path items.  Make sure they are there.  I have seen things drib and drab in.  There are some other things, such as how the piping is run, which give me concerns with regard to access.  They need to be looked at so they do not have to redo something because it was done in a manner where you cannot get behind something. 

            Mr. Hanks asked Mr. Johnson, are there any issues you have seen there?  Is CH2M Hill on top of the observations you need to be on top of so down the road you do not have something that has been forgotten?

            Mr. Johnson responded I would say we are on top of it.  I have complete confidence in Mr. Easton.

            Mr. Hanks asked is the product being produced out there of acceptable workmanship quality for the District to take on?  Are there issues we need to be aware of?

            Mr. Johnson responded I would say it is a high quality product.

            Mr. Easton stated that is not to say things will not come up, but this is part of the process we go through.  We cannot check it out until it is put in. 

            Mr. Hanks stated I understand perfectly.  I just want to make sure we do not come up with an issue down the road, which derails the schedule. 

            Mr. Easton stated we do not know of anything that will surprise anyone.

            Mr. Cassel stated besides Mr. Easton walking it, Mr. Stover, Mr. Daly and I walk it.  We point out things such as access issues.  They are making sure we have access and they are trying to address all of those things. 

            Mr. Fennell stated I think progress is being made out there and I want to thank you.  Keep going and thank you for your efforts.  I think the positive thing here is issues are being found and issues are being addressed. 


FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                Consideration of Permits and Plat Waivers

A.               Permit for Fiber Optics Installation at University Drive and Canal L-106

            Ms. Early stated this is a typical right-of-way permit.  It is going to be attached to the bridge, but they are underground in our right-of-way until they get to the bridge and then they will attach it to the bridge.  That is why I put some language in there that we are in no way approving any structural design. 

            Mr. Hanks asked Mr. Cassel, do you have any issues with this?

            Mr. Cassel responded no.  I do not have any issues with this.  I looked at it.  It seems like a standard installation to get across.  I just wanted to make sure the engineer did not have any issues with it.

            Mr. Hanks asked Counsel?

            Mr. Lyles responded no. 


On MOTION by Mr. Hanks seconded by Mr. Fennell with all in favor a right-of-way permit to install Fiber Optics at University Drive and Canal L-106 was approved. 


B.               Ratification of Plat Waiver for Ramblewood South Plat

            Mr. Cassel stated I spoke to Mr. Fennell last week.  This was bouncing around and needed to get back to the law firm to get the property to change hands.  This is to ratify the approval which was given by the President.

            Ms. Zich asked who is asking for this?

            Mr. Fennell responded it says it is to accommodate a new free standing bank building.  Is there not a bank building there?

            Ms. Zich responded there is.  That is why I am wondering.

            Mr. Cassel stated Ms. Early; you looked at the deeper information.

            Ms. Early stated yes, but I do not recall if it is changing hands. 

            Mr. Daly stated I spoke to the city and they said when a lot of these people purchase a property, they want to purchase the entire property and not just the building.  As such, they also want it re-platted.

            Mr. Hanks asked what are the impacts to having multiple owners on a stormwater management system?

            Mr. Cassel responded that was one of the things Ms. Early pointed out.  They need to make sure their flowage easements and five-year stormwater permits are maintained as part of this waiver.

            Mr. Fennell stated I think you told me there were not going to be any physical changes to the drainage. 

            Mr. Cassel stated my understanding is that it sits as it is.  In changing the hands, it will be tied in.

            Mr. Hanks asked is this the one with the retaining wall on Atlantic Boulevard?

            Mr. Cassel responded it is on the corner of Riverside Drive and Atlantic Boulevard.

            Ms. Early stated if they make any changes, the city will make them come back for a permit. 

            Mr. Hanks asked Counsel, do you have any issues?   

            Mr. Lyles responded we are not giving anyone a waiver of anything.  They are asking the City of Coral Springs to grant a waiver of platting requirements given that everything has already been platted before.  There was a little bit of a clerical error in processing this and they got behind.  That is when they called me.  Their processing people and their real estate paralegal asked me to consider going ahead and getting us to sign off on it.  The easements in place for utility purposes are sufficient for our purposes to provide water and sewer utility services.  We are confirming through the engineer that the easements of record are sufficient for our purposes so they can go ahead and process their plat waivers. 

            Mr. Hanks asked are we saying we have no objections?

            Mr. Lyles responded that is correct.  We have what we need to service the property.  That is all that was involved in this request to CSID.  The big task will be at city hall and getting a plat waiver.

            Ms. Zich asked is that just for the bank?

            Ms. Early responded yes.

            Mr. Hanks asked do we need to mention in there as an advisory or side comment that the drainage easements should be obtained and recorded?

            Mr. Cassel responded if you look at the letter from CH2M Hill we mention the surface water permit. 


On MOTION by Mr. Hanks seconded by Ms. Zich with all in favor the Ramblewood South Plat Waiver was ratified.


C.               Plat Waiver for Portion of Parcel ‘M’ of Maplewood Plat

Mr. Fennell asked is this the Walgreens?

Mr. Hanks responded yes.

Mr. Fennell stated it is already there.

Mr. Hanks stated I guess they want to buy it.

            Ms. Early stated they want to buy it and they want to have their own piece of property.

            Mr. Cassel stated this is the same scenario.

            Mr. Fennell stated we went through a discussion of this about a year ago.  What are we doing here?  What do they want?

            Mr. Cassel stated it is a similar scenario where we acknowledge that they do not have to get it re-platted.

            Mr. Lyles stated we are being asked to consent to the plat waiver being issued by the City of Coral Springs.  We are saying that for our purposes the utility easements in place are sufficient so they can go ahead with the process.  This one was not time critical as the previous one was.  This is coming to the Board for discussion and approval rather than ratification. 

            Mr. Hanks stated so basically we are saying we have no objection to it.

            Mr. Lyles stated we are going a little further and saying we have no objection because the easements depicted in the plat that currently exists are sufficient for our purposes.

            Mr. Fennell stated so Permit 2010-1 was already issued and sufficient.

            Mr. Lyles stated and remains in effect.  The permit you are referring to was issued by this District by vote of this Board.  We are being asked to indicate to the City of Coral Springs that we have no objection to the plat waiver that is being processed there because the utility easements of record are sufficient for our purposes. 


On MOTION by Mr. Hanks seconded by Mr. Fennell with all in favor the plat waiver for a portion of Parcel ‘M’ of the Maplewood Plat was approved. 


FIFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                     Consideration of Bids for Culvert Cleaning

            Mr. Fennell stated the lowest price is Fish Tec.

            Ms. Zich asked how can there be that much of a discrepancy?

            Mr. Daly responded it is amazing.  Fish Tec has done work for us before so we know the quality.

            Ms. Zich asked are we familiar with the other companies?

            Ms. Early responded I am not.

            Mr. Hanks asked is it the staff’s recommendation to award the bid to Fish Tec?

            Mr. Cassel responded yes.  Fish Tec has done work for other projects we had in the past.  One of the things we had done, Industrial Divers beat out Fish Tec. 

            Mr. Fennell asked how much do we have budgeted for this?

            Mr. Daly responded we have culvert cleaning in there for $150,000 every year. 

            Ms. Woodward stated we are covered. 

            Mr. Cassel stated we did the inspections a few months ago.  We inspected them all and found the ones needing to be cleaned.  We are taking out the downstream issues as well.

            Mr. Hanks asked are we doing anything to address some of the outfalls into the canals where they have been banged up a bit?  I am not sure that those are even our responsibility or whether they are the responsibility of the city or county as it is their drainage system discharging into our canals.

            Mr. Cassel responded we will look into it, but I would say those pipes are probably their responsibility to maintain to get the water to us properly. 


On MOTION by Mr. Hanks seconded by Mr. Fennell with all in favor the bid for culvert cleaning was awarded to Fish Tec in the amount of $99,000.


SIXTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                    Staff Reports

            A.        Manager

            Mr. Cassel stated there is one item that is not on the agenda I would like to bring up at this time.  I would like to request we have a workshop meeting with the Board sometime in the near future to discuss several issues; one being the project itself and all of the surrounding issues with it. 

            Ms. Zich asked when would you like to do this?

            Mr. Cassel responded I would like to do it Friday, June 3, 2011 or Monday, June 6, 2011.

            Mr. Hanks asked how long do you expect this to run?

            Mr. Cassel responded an hour to two hours depending on how much we get into. 

            Mr. Lyles stated I have a conflict June 6, 2011 in the afternoon that requires me to be in Orlando.  Is there a problem with June 7, 2011?

            Ms. Zich asked what about June 3, 2011?

            Mr. Hanks responded I am good on Friday.

            There was consensus to have the workshop meeting on Friday, June 3, 2011 at 2:00 p.m.

            Ms. Zich asked where will the meeting be held?

            Mr. Cassel responded upstairs.  Prior to the meeting I will brief the Board individually on some of the issues we will be going over. 


·         Monthly Water & Sewer Chart  

            Mr. Fennell asked how do we know how much water we have in the water table and how much water is going to the Biscayne area?  We have people coming to us telling us we cannot take out this much water and all kinds of issues like that.  I know Hollywood and other areas down south have spent several more millions of dollars trying to go to the Floridan Aquifer because somebody says the aquifer we have is low on water.  My question is; how do you know that?

            Mr. Hanks responded they have done a lot of studies on this.

            Mr. Fennell asked where is the data?  I have not seen a piece of it and I have been asking for it.

            Mr. Hanks responded they have a lot of presentations on that.

            Mr. Fennell stated I have seen a lot of those, but I do not see it.  The reason I asked the question is because we have been chasing this water intrusion problem.  If that is really true, what is the water level?  What is the actual height of the water underground we are talking about and how does that actually vary through the season?

            Mr. Hanks asked are you referring to where the combining layer is down below?

            Mr. Fennell responded the top of it even.  Is that really it?  Do you really think the canal level tells us the level?

            Mr. Cassel responded it tells us the groundwater level.

            Mr. Hanks stated that is basically your surficial aquifer.  There is not much of a separator between that and the Biscayne Aquifer, which extends down 60 to 120 feet for this area.

            Mr. Fennell asked is there a separation?  There is no layer between this water level and aquifer.  When you get the Floridan Aquifer there is.  You have to drill to get to the Floridan Aquifer.  There is an impenetrable layer between them.  If you want us to take water out of the Floridan Aquifer, how does it get replenished?  They do not know. 

            Mr. Hanks stated it gets replenished up in the central part of the State and extends down south.  They already tapped out the Floridan Aquifer in some locations and have placed limitations on it.  Since you are withdrawing brackish water in this location it is not impacting anybody.

            Mr. Fennell stated I am really questioning that someone actually knows what is in the Biscayne Aquifer, how much is flowing through it, and where the test points are at.  Where is it relevant?  This top layer is affecting our wells.  I do know when our wells draw out; we are actually drawing water towards us.  There is something we should be keeping track of.  I do not know if we do.  I know one time when the drycleaner spilled some chemicals there were monitoring wells looking at it to see which way the water was flowing.  The water was actually flowing towards our wells.  It seems to me what we are missing is actually understanding what our water height is around here and how much of the aquifer actually flows through it.  I do not see that in our charts.  When I go through and try to draw a correlation between what we have here, it seems we are not correlating it to the water table.  I think we need to know that.

            Mr. Cassel stated I think we are correlating to what we are concerned about and what the regulatory is concerned with us is what our permitted withdrawal rates are and if we exceeded our permitted withdrawals.

            Mr. Fennell stated we need to understand in our own area what our water table is and what the impact is we have in the wells so we can have a conclusion of what the water is in our own area.

            Ms. Early stated I think the hydraulic model Mr. Bulman did should tell you a lot.

            Mr. Fennell stated I would think some of that would be in there.  All of the extra water we are processing has to have a correlation to the water table.  We have it correlated to rain, but we do not have the water table.

            Mr. Hanks stated from that perspective you will probably not see much because that additional flowage for the area we are dealing with is not that much.  It is not going to represent a foot or two of water.

            Ms. Early asked was it not a bath tub full?  Was that the whole argument?

            Mr. Cassel responded the total draw we were potentially impacting the perimeter canals to the District between us was less than 40,000 gallons a day.  It was a very small amount of water and that was in theory. 

            Mr. Hanks asked do we have a treatment plant capacity of $3 Million?

            Mr. Cassel asked water or wastewater?

            Mr. Hanks responded wastewater.

            Mr. Johnson stated 7.2 and the new nano plant is going to be 6.5.

            Mr. Fennell stated I think there is a need for that information so we can understand what our water levels are across the area.  There has to be a higher correlation for that than just the rainwater.  What they are really implying is that the rainwater is somehow affecting the water table.  I would like to actually see that.  I think there are a lot of fights yet to come on water levels and water rights that we just have not fought yet, but I think they are about to happen.

            Mr. Hanks stated so be thankful we are located where we are.  We are not within the saltwater intrusion area and that we have our own sewage treatment plant.  This gives us a lot of opportunities that are not afforded to other locations. 

            Mr. Fennell stated I am asking staff to come up with a recommendation on how we can get that type of data.  Do we need it or what?  I want to understand this.  The last thing is after I took the trip to South Miami and saw their water treatment plant as well as what they have to do.  They have 19 injection wells.  They had to put in a tremendously big sand filtration.  We are almost done with Plat F.  We have a couple of other small plants out there that we were thinking of knocking down.

            Mr. Cassel stated we already knocked down A and B. 

            Mr. Fennell asked do we need to look at those as possible post filtration areas in case we run into a problem with filtration of water or can they be used in some way that will clean up the water even more?  I am anticipating an issue that sometimes we might have to clean up the water more.  Can those things be used for that?

            Mr. Daly responded A and B were demolished already.  That is where Plant F now sits. 

            Mr. Cassel stated if you had to clean the water more than what you are cleaning it now to put it down the well, you would end up having to build another facility to do secondary treatment of it.  We looked at that and even when we looked into the reuse pressure they were putting on us, it is not even close to being cost effective. 

            Mr. Hanks stated nor is it environmentally sound because of the carbon footprint for the additional energy it would take just to clean it up to that level.

            Mr. Cassel stated plus you do not necessarily have an end user.

            Mr. Fennell stated but if something happened to our well, we could be forced to do that.  There are still a couple of small facilities out there.

            Mr. Cassel stated no.  A and B were taken down at the beginning of the construction for Plant F.  They were falling down.

            Mr. Fennell stated I thought there were a couple of small ones left.

            Mr. Cassel stated C, D, E, F, the surge tank and the two digesters.  What it does with our capacity with F when we get it online, it does allow us to modify our process so we will be able to reduce our solid contents by being able to let the digestion process occur for a longer period of time.  That reduces your solids, which reduces our hauling charges and our disposal costs.  This will help bring our overall costs down because you can let the ‘bugs’ do their job better.

            Mr. Daly asked did they not say it was going up about ten times?

            Mr. Macintosh responded it is not ten times, but it is going up quite a bit.

            Mr. Daly stated the hauling company came by and said there are new regulations.  They spent millions of dollars on their own new plant and they wanted us to sign up in advance.  We told them we will wait until the regulations change in 2012.  They wanted us to pay more now.  We are going to budget for it no matter what.

            Mr. Macintosh stated with Digester #1 being in operation now we are sending about three trailers a week, which is down from five trailers a week.

            Mr. Fennell asked where is this going?

            Mr. Daly asked do you mean how is it getting eaten up here?

            Mr. Fennell responded yes.

            Mr. Macintosh stated by allowing the microorganisms to stay in the digesters.  We have wastewater that is coming in from the city.  They are all feeding on themselves. 

            Mr. Fennell asked it just disappears?

            Mr. Hanks responded it comes off as Carbon Dioxide and other byproducts. 

            Mr. Cassel stated the bottom line is instead of having to press some stuff and having the amount of solids we used to have to haul because we did not have the extra time for the bugs to do their work.  Now that they have more time to act as they should be acting we get less waste product and more product can be sent down the well without hauling away the solids.  As Plant F comes on it will be better.  We can keep working to reduce our solids and hauling expenses. 

            Mr. Fennell stated I would really like to understand the water table.  I think there are some other issues besides the canal in general.  I know we had a presentation several years ago.

            Mr. Cassel stated the modeling we did for our permit extension on the increase for water permit, which is a 20 year permit, we do not have to address for 10 years.  That has the modeling information in it.  I can get you a copy of that report. 


            A.        Utility Billing Work Orders

            These items are for informational purposes only.


B.                 Attorney

            Mr. Lyles stated we have nothing to report this month.

            Mr. Fennell asked is there any shakeout from the State on how we are doing?  Did you hear anything more with the SFWMD?

            Mr. Lyles responded there are bills that are still not clearly going to be signed by the governor.  The legislative session is over, but the legislation is not complete yet.  It is my intention to report on this at the next meeting.  I may have an item to bring up at the workshop meeting as well.  As of right now I do not have final information to give you.


C.                 Engineer

·         Monthly Aerial Photographs

·         Project Status Report

             Ms. Early stated the project status report is in your agenda package.  This is a summary of where we are at with the culvert.  We have the surveys.  We have the easements from the surveyor.  We plotted those out to see how many conflicts there are.  We have come up with a couple of different proposed routes.  We actually contacted the school Board and they are willing to potentially work with us to let us put the culvert in on their side of the property.  If we do that, I think the cost of construction will decrease considerably because of all of the conflicts with the other areas.

            The other thing we are considering is just going straight down Ramblewood Drive rather than removing trees.  Even though we are ripping up asphalt, it is less expensive than the trees and utilities.  We are meeting with the city tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.

            The drycleaner you said had some contamination had a contractor do some type of remediation.  We just got the report this afternoon.  We do not think it is going to affect where we want to put our culvert.  We are going to get a schedule of when they are going to do their remediation.  We will coordinate, but we do not think it will affect us.

            Mr. Cassel stated one of the wells is pretty close to where we were going to put the pipe.  If we end up relocating the well, it should not be a big issue.

            Ms. Early stated we are finding out what they are actually doing with that first.  There is a lot of coordination.  We do not want to finalize and draw up the proposed route until we coordinate with everyone.  We want to try to go the least expensive route we can.

            Mr. Fennell asked you cannot just buy the house there, can you?

            Ms. Early responded would be nice.

            Mr. Fennell stated it probably cost about $200,000 to $300,000.

            Ms. Early stated I wonder if we could buy an easement.

            Mr. Fennell stated if you bought that house, it is probably worth $300,000.  Would that save you a lot of money?

            Ms. Early responded yes.  It would save us more than $300,000.

            Mr. Hanks asked Mr. Lyles, can you think about this please?

            Mr. Lyles responded I do not know if they would consider this converting it from residential use to a utility use as opposed to a line in a utility easement.  We may have a zoning and a land use problem.

            Ms. Early stated I will bring it up to the city tomorrow and get their opinion.

            Mr. Cassel asked have you gotten back from Mr. Williams something in writing regarding timeframes?  We did not get their information back until March.

            Ms. Early responded from the time they signed it, that was like 20 months.  I think it had a date of November of 2012.  From March that was 20 months. 

            Mr. Cassel asked since we did not get the signature back and the approval back from them, does it start from our date of signature or from their date of signature?  I need clarification on that.  If it starts from their date of signature, we have more time at the tail end.  I do not want us to get caught all of a sudden.  We need to make sure we have it in writing from them that it is from the date they signed it and not us.  If we do need a time extension, we need it in writing from them as soon as possible.


SEVENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS              Approval of March Financials and Check Registers

            Ms. Zich stated the financials are in great shape.  Everything looks good to me.  It is routine this month.

            Mr. Fennell stated I was surprised at how much the electric bill was down.

            Mr. Daly stated it is down from the budget.  That is because we expected to be online with the nano plant.

            Mr. Fennell asked would we be smart to keep one of those sand filter things going?  Do we need a back up?

            Mr. Stover responded we are using the whole plant as a backup. 

            Mr. Daly stated we will keep one around. 

            Mr. Fennell stated I was thinking those filters wear out and they wear out quickly.

            Mr. Stover stated you can usually get three to five years out of it.  With the water we are drawing from the Biscayne Aquifer I cannot see it being any more less than five years. 

            Mr. Fennell asked is there a benefit for us to go through early filtration?

            Mr. Stover responded we already have sand filters built in to the new system and then you have the cartridge filters.  That will alleviate all of the solids and take you down to the microbes and the bacteria.

            Mr. Hanks stated we were having trouble with the maintenance on those two older filters anyway.

            Mr. Stover stated we rehabilitated two and three.


On MOTION by Ms. Zich seconded by Mr. Fennell with all in favor the financials were approved. 


            Mr. Fennell asked are there any other inputs?

            Mr. Hanks responded hurricane preparedness.  We are getting into hurricane season.  Are there any actions that have not been taken and need to be taken?

            Mr. Daly responded I do not believe there is.  We have a meeting planned for next week.  We already tested our satellite phones.  Everyone is right on cue with what to do as far as fuel and things like that.  We have a booklet on how you notify someone if there is a boil water advisory.  There is a whole procedure. 

            Mr. Cassel stated we already looked at the hurricane plant again to revise and make sure we had all the correct numbers.  All the department heads have taken a look at it.  We are ready to go.

            Mr. Hanks asked how are our pump stations?

            Mr. Daly responded they have never been better.

            Mr. Hanks asked what was the end result of the discussions with the telemetry?

            Mr. Daly responded they said they could set us up with the system and take what we save in electricity.  I told them the problem was I could not go to the Board and say it is a great deal because I do not have anything else to compare it with.  I would like them to tell me how much to lease, how much to purchase and how much if we were going to rent it, in addition to the cost savings they offer.  They are one of the only companies out there that offer this.  They will set the place up and finance it for you for an extended period of time.

            Mr. Hanks stated it sounds like we have opportunities in our budget as it stands right now for financing it.

            Mr. Daly stated it does.  I am waiting for the information to get here.  I want all of the numbers.  We also contacted some people that have similar product. 












EIGHTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                 Adjournment

            There being no further business,


On MOTION by Ms. Zich seconded by Mr. Hanks with all in favor the meeting was adjourned.





Kenneth Cassel                                          Martin Shank

Assistant Secretary                                     President