A regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Coral Springs Improvement District was held on Monday, March 21, 2011 at 3:10 p.m. at the District Office, 10300 NW 11th Manor, Coral Springs, Florida. 


            Present and constituting a quorum were:


            Robert Fennell                                     President

            Sharon Zich                                         Vice President

            Glenn Hanks                                        Secretary


            Also present were:


            Kenneth Cassel                                    District Manager

            Dennis Lyles                                        District Counsel

            Jane Early                                            District Engineer

            Dan Daly                                             Director of Operations

            Kay Woodward                                   District Accountant

            David Macintosh                                 Wastewater Department

            Ed Stover                                             Water Department

            Randy Frederick                                  Drainage Supervisor

            Carl Easton                                          CH2M Hill

            Brian DeGirolmo                                 DeGirolmo & Associates, Inc.


FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS                     Roll Call

            Mr. Cassel called the meeting to order and called the roll. 


SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS                Approval of the Minutes of the February 28, 2011 Meeting

            Mr. Fennell stated each Board member received a copy of the minutes of the February 28, 2011 meeting and requested any corrections, additions or deletions.

            Mr. Cassel stated there is a correction on page 34.  Mr. Daly picked up on it and we came to the conclusion that the actual motion was for items one through six for $45,000.  The prior motion was initially for $50,000.  We wanted to make sure the minutes reflected the motion was for $45,000 for items one through six.

            Mr. Fennell asked are there any other corrections.

            Ms. Zich responded on page 32 I saw Ms. Early and Mr. Hanks were talking about work on Ramblewood Boulevard.  It is Ramblewood Drive. 

            Mr. Cassel stated on page five Mr. Daly picked up a typo that should be ‘plan’ instead of ‘pan’.  On page 16 there is a typo where it says ‘has’ instead of ‘as’.  I am going to go back and listen to the recording.  We used the word ‘Rick’ on page 17.  It has to be something in the recording.  I will have to listen to it carefully to see what the actual word is. 


On MOTION by Mr. Hanks seconded by Mr. Fennell with all in favor the minutes of the February 28, 2011 meeting were approved as amended. 


THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS                    Consideration of Encroachment Agreement for 10300 NW 16th Court

            Mr. Fennell asked is there anyone here to address this issue?

            Mr. Cassel responded no.  The individual came in late last week.  Mr. Daly spoke with him and we looked at it.  We checked it out and sent it to Mr. Lyles.  Mr. Lyles has the originals for execution.

            Mr. Daly stated it is one of our Coral Springs Police Sergeants who just bought a property on the third of this month.  He wants to put a fence up.  There is a utility easement there.  It is not a CSID utility easement.  There is already a hedge there.  Our staff went out and they do not have a problem with it.

            Mr. Fennell asked what happens if something goes wrong.  Will he have to remove the fence?

            Mr. Daly responded that is correct.  It can happen with electric, cable, phone and anything else that goes in this utility easement.  It does not have to be just our water lines.  He already received clearance from the phone company, cable company and electric company.  He is just waiting on this one and the city.

            Mr. Hanks asked does he want to the put the fence in at the backside of the utility easement?

            Mr. Daly responded that is correct. 

            Mr. Hanks asked do you have any concerns Mr. Lyles?

            Mr. Lyles responded we prepared the encroachment agreement and it specifies a couple of things.  The cost of recording is borne by the owner.  If at anytime, the District for any reason at its sole discretion, determines it is better that the encroachment be removed, he has to remove it at his expense.  If there is any claim that arises while it is there, he indemnifies the District for any exposure we might have.  I think with the document in front of you it is a matter of whether or not the staff and the Board are comfortable with allowing the encroachment to be installed on that easement.

            Mr. Hanks asked is this consistent with our previous policies?

            Mr. Cassel responded yes.  If we do not have anything where we have to get in there for, we will allow a fence with an encroachment agreement.  If we have to get in on a routine basis, then we do not allow it.

            Mr. Daly stated I may have misspoken.  You asked if this was for the backside of the easement.  It is actually the west part.


On MOTION by Mr. Hanks seconded by Mr. Fennell with all in favor the encroachment agreement for 10300 NW 16th court was approved.


FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                Supervisors’ Requests and Audience Comments

            Mr. Fennell asked is anybody here?

            Mr. Cassel responded I do not see anyone here from Lanzo this month. 

            Mr. Hanks asked how are things coming along?

            Ms. Zich asked are the building folks finished now?

            Mr. Cassel responded the buildings are not finished.  We put together a process, which Lanzo signed last week, where they supply the District with how the funds from this reduction retainage were going to be spent.  They will be bringing those checks after they are cut to me so they can be reviewed to make sure they match the quantities they said they were going to pay.  The checks will then be released to the vendors.  They also understand, in their agreement of the letter I sent to them, should they fall back into an issue like this we retain the right to go back up, per the contract documents, to a 10% retainage on everything that is left.  They were agreeable to it.

            Mr. Fennell stated there is more of a roof up and they are hauling stuff out of the tank back there.  One thing I want to make clear is I am happy with the Board right now with Mr. Hanks and Ms. Zich having such expertise to handle these kinds of problems; to have the judgment to be either pro or con on some of the things we are doing.  Unfortunately, we are a Board that meets once a month.  Thank goodness you guys are as good as you are.  Thank you very much for your service.  I wish the citizens knew what you are doing for them.  By the way; have you gotten the newsletters out?  I have not received one yet.

            Mr. Daly asked really?

            Ms. Zich responded really.  When anything like that goes out I am with a lot of people in this District all of the time and not one person has mentioned it.  I personally have not received one and they have not received one so I am concerned.

            Mr. Daly stated I will check on it because I got the bill and they should have gone out last Thursday.

            Mr. Fennell stated you were saying three weeks ago.

            Mr. Daly stated last Thursday three weeks ago.  That is when bulk mail goes.  I will find out.  Thank you for bringing it up. 


FIFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                     Consideration of Vehicle/Field Truck Bids

            Mr. Cassel stated we put an RFP in the paper.  As the memorandum says, four companies picked up the paperwork, but only one responded.  They came back with a quote.

            Mr. Daly stated it happens to be the company we have purchased our trucks from for the last 15 years.  This is about the price we expected it to be. 

            Mr. Fennell asked is it just to buy one truck?

            Mr. Cassel responded yes.

            Mr. Daly stated it is a replacement for one we have.

            Ms. Zich asked what kind of truck is it?

            Mr. Daly responded an F-250.  I believe this one is replacing one with almost 120,000 miles.  That one is not going to go away.  We are going to use that when other trucks are being fixed and we need a replacement.  It was a budgeted item this year.

            Mr. Fennell asked is it already painted?

            Mr. Cassel responded it was bid with our paint scheme on it.

            Mr. Fennell stated $25,000 for a pick up truck is actually pretty inexpensive.

            Mr. Hanks asked was there a limitation whether it was Ford or could it be GM?

            Mr. Daly responded it could be GM.  We just wanted those colors. 

            Mr. Hanks asked was this bid according to our requirements?

            Mr. Cassel responded yes.  It was advertised and the bid was opened at a bid opening meeting.

            Ms. Zich asked are we trading in another truck?

            Mr. Daly responded no.  We are going to keep that one.  I am able to hire a couple of part-timers to start with the meter replacement program.  They will use the old truck.


On MOTION by Mr. Fennell seconded by Ms. Zich with all in favor the Vehicle/Field Truck bid was approved. 


SIXTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                    Scheduling of Landowners’ Meeting Date

            Mr. Fennell stated I assume this is for an election coming up.

            Mr. Cassel stated yes.  It is a four year cycle.  We need to put it on the record as the scheduling of the landowners’ meeting for June 20, 2011.  It will be prior to our regular June 20, 2011 meeting.  We will put the advertisements in the appropriate newspapers. 

            Mr. Fennell stated okay.  Is there any discussion on this?  I do not think we can do anything about it anyway. 


On MOTION by Mr. Hanks seconded by Ms. Zich with all in favor the Landowners’ meeting date was scheduled for June 20, 2011.


SEVENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS              Staff Reports

A.                 Manager

·         Work Authorization from DeGirolmo & Associates, Inc.

            Mr. Cassel stated for the past year or so we have been looking at how to improve safety and other items in the plant for the crew.  With the event that occurred in the digester tank, it was brought to mind that we do not have a retrieval system on any of our tanks.  We do have our guys down in there from time to time when we drain them, clean them and work on parts.  We do not have a harness system for retrieval.  It was never originally designed because up until recently we were not covered by OSHA in other issues where we would have to worry about those kinds of situations. 

            In order to be ready and also provide a safe working environment we looked at putting in davits for man retrieval.  Instead of installing a bunch of davits all over the place we decided to go with a portable system, but we still need to have these sockets in place so when the workers go up to go in the tank they put the davit in so when they go in they have the safety harness.  Looking at the locations we needed some input on structural issues such as how to attach the davit in place.  Mr. Daly contacted Mr. DeGirolmo to provide us with structural locations; where we can put the davit bases so we can have a safe retrieval system. 

            Mr. Fennell asked are there any other uses for this?

            Mr. Daly responded no.  Safety is so important; especially after the event that we had with the other CH2M Hill engineer falling off a ladder and not being able to be hoisted up.  We had fire trucks come to help.  The whole idea is safety and the other part is we will have to be OSHA compliant in the near future.  I do not have a direct date yet.  We actually have people going to classes now to bone-up on it so we make sure we are not racing for our lives to be compliant.  This is all about safety and nothing else.  Hopefully we will never have to use it.  The whole idea is we never have to use it.

            Ms. Zich asked would this have helped the man who fell in the tank?

            Mr. Daly responded yes.  First of all, you should have two people anytime someone goes in the tank.  That is one of our rules.

            Ms. Zich asked were there two people there?

            Mr. Daly responded no.  There was only one person when he fell in.  It would have helped because he would have been strapped in and been able to be lifted up.  Mr. DeGirolmo has been contacted to lend some support to the engineering aspect of fixing the socket that holds the davit.

            Mr. Fennell stated it list like 13 different places.

            Mr. DeGirolmo stated there are actually 14.  In the initial inspection we did in the C Plant and D Plant it looks like they are identical so there is some hope that the detail we come up with will apply to both. 

            Mr. Fennell asked are you going to put this in the framework above?

            Mr. DeGirolmo responded it seems the best solution is to weld some base plates onto the side of either the channel or base plate and put an L bracket on it.  That would support the davit base.  We have a couple of locations on what I think is the outside of C Plant and D Plant where you have a concrete separator wall on the outside chambers.  It looks like that might also be a placement that would serve both tanks as this davit rotates 360 degrees.  We might be able to get more bang for a buck if we can utilize the concrete wall in those locations.  The majority of them are going to be welded.

            Mr. Fennell asked how many of these?

            Mr. Daly responded a maximum of 14.

            Mr. Fennell asked how many pieces of actual hardware to haul somebody up?

            Mr. Cassel responded one or two davits.  What you have is the socket which stays in place.  Then you take the actual davit arm and insert it wherever you are going to be working, put it in place and utilize it.  You do not have to have 14 davits.  We did not want to put 14 davits out there that you do not use often.  It is a waste of time and money.

            Mr. Fennell stated this brings up another question.  Suppose somebody falls in a tank which is not empty; what happens then?

            Mr. Cassel responded we have lifesaving equipment on the tanks and catwalks already. 

            Mr. Fennell stated it is kind of a black swan kind of thing.  One man fell in over 30 years.

            Mr. Cassel stated the reality is when they are in these spaces, because of the type of tank it is, they are considered a confined space entry.  For Confined space entry programs you need man lift equipment.  You fill out a permit that asks several questions so you have a whole procedure to go through before the guys can even go in there and work.  We use confined space entry because it is a confined space area.  We need to be able to lift them out of there should something go wrong. 


On MOTION by Mr. Hanks seconded by Mr. Fennell with all in favor the proposal from DeGirolmo & Associates, Inc. was approved. 


            Mr. Fennell stated if there are a bunch of OSHA standards, even though we have not had to, we should go after and find out what they are.

            Mr. Daly stated we are. 

            Mr. Fennell stated we should go after whatever we need to make this a safe work environment.

            Mr. Cassel stated we have been doing that over the last two years to a great deal.  Severn Trent Services comes by once a year and we do a safety audit.  We provide a report to the District of issues we see because that side of the house does operate under OSHA so they are familiar with all of the issues.  They provide input and staff has implemented all of the suggestions from last year’s report. 

            Mr. Hanks asked is this going to also apply to the field work?  Are we going to have someone go down and check a manhole?  Is that also applicable and are we going to need portable lifts attached to any of our trucks?

            Mr. Cassel responded it will.  You typically have a tripod over the manhole.  We will be working towards that as we go down the line.

            Mr. Fennell stated make that a budget item for next year; what it is going to cost us to bring us fully up to OSHA standards.  Do we have a disaster chemical team?

            Mr. Cassel responded we have a number of responses for the chemicals and the products we use. 

            Mr. Hanks asked we are basically handling what; chlorine and water?

            Mr. Cassel responded hypochlorite, some other chemicals and additives.  We, the crew and both sides of the house, are really well schooled on how to handle them properly with face shields, gloves and whatever protective equipment they need to handle that.  They are aware of ventilation issues.  Mr. McIntosh and Mr. Stover are making sure the crew, as they are going through their safety meetings, is looking at whether they have all the proper safety data sheets and binders in the office. 

            Mr. Fennell stated I think now is a good time to budget for safety.


·         Consideration to Move the May 23, 2011 Meeting to May 24, 2011

            Mr. Cassel stated I sent you all an email and I believe you all responded you were amenable to that.


On MOTION by Mr. Fennell seconded by Ms. Zich with all in favor the May 23, 2011 meeting was rescheduled for May 24, 2011 at 3:00 p.m.


            Mr. Fennell stated the only thing I see that is not on the agenda is last month a contract was submitted for a bid for culvert work and you were going to take a look at it.

            Mr. Hanks stated I took a look at it. Ms. Early sent back a spreadsheet breaking out where the different costs were.  I have been through it and I have a couple of questions so I would like to take this opportunity to discuss some of them.  I was not clear on Work Authorization 60 whether or not, or where the geotechnical testing comes into play.  My concern is we have a 72 inch culvert going in, presumed at somewhere around two to three feet of cover on that.  That is going to put it down seriously into the cap rock or down below at the headwall where we are connecting into the canal, what kind of geotechnical testing has been ordered or what has been contemplated and included in this work or is this an additional cost to the District?

            Ms. Early responded no.  After the last meeting I put some numbers together.  I did not rewrite that scope.  If you notice in the summary I have included now that this is everything.  This is inspection.  This is all of the permitting.  It is funny that you mentioned the geotechnical because somebody who works at CH2M Hill in West Palm Beach, they just put a culvert near his house and seven homes near where the put the culvert at have their foundations cracked.  I do not know what they did.  It is something we are definitely going to do and we can include it in this price.  We can include it with the summary I did and I will rewrite and add everything.  I did not want to rewrite the work authorization again until we agreed, but we definitely need the geotech and I can include it

            Mr. Hanks stated one of my concerns with those headwalls is it is not going to be a simple situation.  You are not just going to be able to go ahead and specify.  I think what you will have is you will design the foundation system, because if this is like any of our other canals we have that cap rock, then we have some slope, whether it comes back under the cap rock or comes vertical, once we start to disturb it by breaking through that cap rock we are going to have to make a whole scale structure.  I wanted to make sure that was in there and covered.

            Ms. Early stated we can include it. 

            Mr. Hanks stated survey and as-builts.

            Ms. Early stated Mr. Cassel has a survey done.  As-builts will be done by the contractor.  That will be included in the bid documents that he has to provide as-builts.

            Mr. Hanks stated it is basically a standard civil engineer type of scope where the owner provides the survey.

            Ms. Early stated the survey is being paid from the FEMA grant.  Mr. Cassel coordinated it.  I have been in contact with Brewer & Associates.  We are going back and forth.  He has provided some of the information already. 

            Mr. Hanks stated please clarify the monitoring well.

            Ms. Early stated there are monitoring wells in that parking lot.  We just want to make sure that if we have to relocate them; that is coordination of that.  If we do, it will be put in the plans.

            Mr. Hanks asked is there going to be an additional charge later on down the road with the monitoring well?

            Ms. Early responded no.  There are, I think, three monitoring wells behind the dry cleaners.  We did see those.  Whether we will have to move them, it is something we already started contacting the permitting agencies about. 

            Mr. Hanks stated construction dewatering is going to be a big issue.

            Ms. Early stated that will be in the contract as well.  When we do the contract documents it will be clearly spelled out.  Whatever he needs to do, he cannot come back for extra. 

            Mr. Hanks asked is it something you are designing?  My experience with SFWMD is they are requiring construction dewatering to be addressed at the time of the environmental resource permit. 

            Ms. Early stated we have not had that recently, but I will talk to SFWMD to see what is going on with that.

            Mr. Hanks stated and it is not going to be standard general because you are in a contaminated site.  That is a big issue which will be out there and I want to know whether it is under...

            Ms. Early stated if that is something we need to draw up we can do it.  I will include it and give you a rewritten work authorization. 

            Mr. Hanks stated now that I have gotten all of these things added it is time for me to start cutting.  On your breakdown I had some trouble with some of the charges.  $5,000 per sheet, 29 sheets, right off the bat there is a cover page, notes, legend and existing conditions.

            Ms. Early stated that is an average just like the inspection.  We are not going to have one person at $110.

            Mr. Hanks stated I understand, but I am looking at it as an example; 29 sheets, most of these sheets are standard details you are going to have.  You are going to earn your money on the design of the headwalls.  You are going to earn your money on the utility relocations and figuring out a way to get around all of these facilities.  Landscape removal and replacement is up in the air.  I do not know where you are going to be going on this route.  You might have nothing or you might have a lot. 

            Ms. Early stated I think we are going to have something.

            Mr. Hanks stated there is going to be something involved, but that is going to be at your risk.  It is something you decided to pull into your purview.  I really start to get some concern about things on the erosion and sediment control plans.  If you take it as an individual item, according to your fee schedule, you are looking at about $10,000 for that.  The same thing with traffic control striping plans.  That is about another $10,000.  Now if you go back to your culvert plan profile, you are charging about $25,000.  Utility relocations is $15,000.

            Ms. Early stated there are some big FPL things there.

            Mr. Cassel stated it is right at the corner of the school and commercial property.  There is a big FPL vault.

            Mr. Hanks stated the $5,000 per sheet gives the appearance that the traffic control striping details, which is going to be a note….

            Ms. Early stated last month I did it by an hourly rate.  I tried to do it a different way.  The geotech might be $15,000.  I do not know what he is going to charge for that. 

            Mr. Hanks stated you would have to work out the scope with him on that. 

            Ms. Early stated he will have to be a sub to us.

            Mr. Hanks stated at one point I was thinking if we are looking at these charges for utility or erosion control, let us go ahead and talk about bringing in and spreading the wealth to some local engineers who are short on ability.  For erosion control and sediment plans get a quote from different engineers.  For that job it will be under your threshold.  I do not know how you want to do this.  I am just looking at this again and still coming back with $300,000 for this job. 

            A couple of things I had not thought about until I was talking to some other engineers about this project.  What are some of the things we need to be considering; they brought up construction dewatering.  That is something I want to make sure we have nailed down before we go ahead and put this out for bid.  I think with SFWMD, especially with the contaminated site, those issues will need to be identified up front so we are not in a position where the contractor wants to go and they cannot move forward on this because there is not real solution to construction dewatering. 

            Ms. Early stated we will meet with SFWMD and find out exactly what they are going to want ahead of time.  All of these things need to be answered before we can go to bid.

            Mr. Fennell asked so how much?

            Ms. Early responded I added the bidding and the permitting.  None of that was in there before.  Now we are adding the geotech and making sure we have dewatering construction plans in there. 

            Mr. Hanks asked are you asking for a counter?

            Mr. Fennell responded we need to reach an agreement on an amount and work. 

            Mr. Hanks stated we are getting there.

            Mr. Fennell stated and at the same time slowing this down.

            Mr. Hanks stated I was all set coming into this meeting to say let us go ahead and cut some of these things out and get some different prices out of some of these components, but if we save $10,000 on erosion control and sediment, how much additional work are we going to be creating?

            Ms. Early responded I spoke to Mr. Williams at FEMA.  Any input from personnel such as Mr. Frederick is onsite with us, Ms. Woodward is doing paperwork and they keep track of those hours, it can be considered part of CSID’s 25%.  That is a way to save money.  I will get with him to see exactly what he needs.  He said it is not like you have to give him the hourly rates.  I guess you have to show the hours and days they are out there with us.  There is a way you can show it.

            Mr. Hanks stated the big ones that were worrying me on this were the geotech, the monitoring wells and the dewatering.  Right there between those three there could be a substantial chunk of money.  I like the idea Ms. Early has come forward and to say they are going to pull that into their scope of work.  When I had some big issues last month I was not thinking about construction dewatering.  Honestly; that is one of the scarier items on this site.  You are on a built out site, you do not know where you are going to put the water and is SFWMD going to have concerns about potential contamination being spread because of this.  I suggest we take engineering services during construction.  I would like to see that as an hourly component, but in exchange for having that be an hourly component, you provide us with the hours that each person worked and the description of what they did for this project. 

            Ms. Early stated I can give you time sheets.  I will have them put on the timesheet what they did that week.

            Mr. Hanks stated I want a detailed description.  I would like to see where that goes.  I do not see 50 hours a week for three months happening.

            Ms. Early stated I calculated that by figuring fulltime for the inspector.  Someone has to be out there fulltime with all the utilities that are there.  Then I figured Mr. Bohorquez doing review or request for information. 

            Mr. Hanks stated on things like that yes, but with the hourly rate, and this is where I am going to be looking out also for them and for us, we do not know what kind of contractor we are going to end up with.  I want to have the flexibility so we know they are going to be staying on top of them, or do you guys want it to be a cap or do you want to go lump sum?

            Ms. Early responded that is a good point about the contractor. 

            Mr. Hanks stated I think the $145,000 for the design and the permitting through SFWMD, Broward County and Coral Springs with the geotech, the monitoring well and dewatering, I think that is where we are.  Are you saying we should leave the construction the way it is?

            Mr. Fennell responded yes.  My big issue is I find that expediency will save us money. 

            Ms. Early stated Mr. Bohorquez was in the Keys and I brought him back to work on this project.  He was scheduled to stay there for three months.  I could have waited three months before I had him start, but I want to get this project designed and done as soon as possible.

            Mr. Hanks asked do you want to go hourly not to exceed $66,000 on the construction services?

            Ms. Early asked so everything lump sum except for the ESBC?

            Mr. Hanks responded yes.


On MOTION by Mr. Fennell seconded by Ms. Zich with all in favor Work Authorization 60 was approved as discussed to be confirmed by documents submitted by Ms. Early.


            Mr. Daly stated there was a concern Mr. Hanks had last month regarding the length of time CH2M Hill was going to take.  Has that been negotiated?

            Mr. Hanks responded with some of the additional items we negotiated be rolled into the overall project is a question of performance and not time.  They are going to have multiple parties working on it to move forward.  I hope the construction services do not last three months.  It comes down to making sure we are getting the services we need.  I want to make sure the District is getting value on the construction services.  This is why I requested back up be provided to whomever is processing those invoices. 

            Mr. Cassel stated we are going to need that back up for the compliance issues with the funding sources.

            Mr. Hanks stated if there are unforeseen situations I am not looking to just nail it to you guys because I understand this is the other side of the coin.  Once you get into a contract issue, you never know exactly what you are going to end up with.

            Ms. Early asked did you know CSID owns Ramblewood Drive?

            Mr. Fennell asked do you mean physically own it?

            Ms. Early responded yes.  There has to be some kind of maintenance agreement because I know CSID has never done anything on Ramblewood Drive.


·         Resident Feedback

            This item is for informational purposes only.


·         Monthly Water & Sewer Chart  

            Mr. Fennell stated there is a distributed billed water loss and the green line shows the difference between the two I assume.  It sometimes hits zero and sometimes it does not.  Generally speaking the distributed is greater than the billed.  Have you figured that out yet?

            Mr. Daly responded no we have not.

            Ms. Zich stated I get confused every time I look at this.

            Mr. Hanks stated just look at the 13 month average.  That has not budged.

            Mr. Daly stated if you look at it monthly, my cycle is different than the readings for the amount that was generated.  There is no correlation unless you take it over a longer period of time.

            Ms. Zich stated I am glad to hear that because every month when I look at this all I get are question marks in my mind.

            Mr. Daly stated it has to do with adjustments we make. 

            Mr. Fennell asked what is the 13 month average?

            Mr. Hanks responded it is 10%.

            Mr. Cassel stated we are continuing to look at our meters and our calibrations.  Mr. Stover has been running some diagnostics on our meters to look at whether they are calibrated and reading properly.  We are constantly checking that.  We are looking at our billing cycles.  We are looking at our meters; how many of them are old or if they are off.  Your house meters can be off close to 10% and they are still ‘acceptable’.  If all of your house meters read 10% low and your meter at the plant is reading 10% high, you have a 20% spread there.  We are constantly looking and analyzing where are we, what do we think it is and trying to figure out where we are off.  We replaced some meters recently that we found were really off. 

            Mr. Daly stated we put those meters at the mall and we are waiting for the mall to install backflows; otherwise, one meter can actually run backwards.  It is not helping us until the backflows are there.  Then we will be able to measure every gallon that goes into any of the stores inside.  I can push the button and find out exactly what we billed those stores.  Typically a large meter is not going to measure as accurately as a small one.

            Mr. Hanks stated they should have some low flow bypass meters.  If you have one or two shops pulling, it is going to leak past the 10 inch register. 

            Mr. Daly stated we put some meters in Taravella.  We are doing a lot of different things to check this. 


·         Utility Billing Work Orders

             This item is for informational purposes only.


B.                 Attorney

            There being no report, the next item followed.

            Mr. Fennell stated let me add one thing.  I have been attending some “Water University” kind of meetings.  The last one I attended was about the state of change and what is happening to the SFWMD.  Different groups are very concerned about this.  Last year the legislature had made a change to the budgeting of the water management groups.  The Governor can now veto any line item that comes out of there.  He is also the person who appoints everyone to the water management districts in the state.  He scared them by saying he wants to see a 25% reduction in the SFWMD budget this year and next year, which will be 50% over two years.  Those are the strong kind of political waters that are now flowing around the SFWMD.  We are going to see huge changes over the years. 

            Ms. Zich stated that is crazy.

            Mr. Fennell stated that is not crazy.  It is what is happening.

            Ms. Zich stated I know, but 25%?

            Mr. Fennell stated I think we are going to see major political changes coming through these districts.  I think it is going to be up for grabs.

            Ms. Zich asked what if we would have said with CSID that we were going to cut our cost by 25% next year?

            Ms. Early stated I am having a hard time getting permits out of HRS and Broward County because of staff reductions.  They do not have enough people and it takes forever to get a simple permit.

            Ms. Zich stated I think taking a stance like that on just a blank 25%...

            Mr. Fennell stated but he actually has the power to do it too.  With the line item veto given to him last year he can just cross out any items he wants from the budget.  I do not know if this is good or bad, but you are going to see astonishing changes and political things coming about here.

            Mr. Daly stated even though they can reduce the manpower to issue permits and review, they did not do anything to limit the hoops you have to jump through.

            Mr. Fennell stated you have to understand the SFWMD as well as the other water management districts have taken on numerous other tasks.  I am trying to give an impartial viewpoint.  One viewpoint would say they are not doing the basics, which is water control and water management.  They are instead spending hundreds of millions of dollars on restoring the Everglades forever.  It is true that lots of our money was going towards restoration.  There are three traditional battles going on and a fourth one now.  There were the farmers.  The environmentalists were kind of a stepchild to the water needs.  We were not getting much of a representation. 

            The government has come in with a different agenda.  I am not sure what that agenda is, but the environmentalists are really afraid of it.  I do not know about the farmers yet.  It may actually, in some ways, benefit the people of South Florida as far as getting water.  It is amazing.  You are going to see astoundingly big political heads knocking for the next two years.  I do not know which way it is going to roll either.  The guy who has the power is the Governor.  He is appointing people; he has line item veto and an entirely different viewpoint from what the current water management districts are doing.  Do not count on the same kinds of responses that you have had.  I would get in there many weeks beforehand if you need to deal with SFWMD.  I would think it is probably going to shock them like you would not believe. 

            Mr. Hanks stated if I can go back really quick; the product literature for the lift in small print on the bottom it says Thern products are not for lifting people or things over people. 

            Mr. Cassel stated we will make sure we have a lift that is for people. 

            Mr. Fennell stated another thing I found out that is interesting is probably the biggest reason why the people are not well represented is because it is just a bunch of small groups like us.  We are mostly concerned about our local area.  We are not here to make water policies for South Florida.  We are just hoping to keep our sewers open and water flowing.  It is becoming pretty obvious that we are going to have to have some kind of united group going forward in order to represent the people of South Florida; otherwise, we are just too small to do it.  We really need to be working with the City of Coral Springs and other groups around us as well as the county; although, the county consistently lacks from the issue they do not have funding or a real mandate to do anything about water.  There really is not anybody other than the SFWMD and us to do it.  The county tries to take on these issues.

            Mr. Hanks asked when you say water issues; are you talking about water supply issues?

            Mr. Fennell responded all of them.

            Mr. Hanks stated that is one of the issues before the Broward County Water Resources Task Force.  We are trying to figure out as a collective body what to do about the growing water needs of South Florida.

            Mr. Fennell stated it is a good topic.  The problem they have is they really do not have any real power over this like SFWMD.  There is an issue there.

            Mr. Hanks stated if we were subject to Broward County, we would be faced with potentially mandatory reclaimed water which is an expensive and energy intensive means of providing additional water.  We would be looking at different means of disposing of our sewage.  Broward County and the City of Hollywood are faced with some very serious issues related to water supply and to sewage.  You couple that with standards the EPA is forcing down on the State of Florida and the combined affects of both of those are scary.  Be very glad we have our deep injection wells and we have our own self contained water and sewer system. 

            Mr. Fennell stated there is a group that actually did some thinking about this.  CH2M Hill did a study about 10 years ago.  I would like for you to get a copy of it from your archives.  It is the idea I kind of had; we should do something along the Everglades and put some drainage area around there so we can then put water back there and recharge it.  You actually have done that.  There is a study like that, which you guys did.  I think it is an excellent study.  The only problem with it is there is a political stop to it.  The biggest problem I see are the assumptions made, which are keeping the Everglades as they are and thinking they should not change.  That is a masterstroke of politics.  It depends on how you do it.  I am going to Miami this Friday.  The area right outside of Miami needs to be rehydrated.  I am going to go look at the rehydration.

            Ms. Zich asked what part of Miami?

            Mr. Fennell responded the Key Biscayne area.  It needs rehydration.  I am going to go down to see how Miami is doing it.


C.                 Engineer

·         Monthly Aerial Photographs

·         Project Status Report

             Ms. Zich asked where is somebody from Lanzo?  A year ago we wanted someone from Lanzo at every meeting.  I am looking at the first thing here, Services During Construction (SDC) for Plant ‘F’, awaiting repair proposal from Lanzo.  I just feel like we have been waiting, and waiting and waiting. 

            Mr. Cassel responded they submitted the welding parameters a week ago.

            Ms. Zich asked why do we not have someone from Lanzo here?

            Mr. Cassel responded I am not sure why Mr. Bone is not here.

            Ms. Zich stated nothing seems to be going too well out there.  It would be nice to have someone here, which we said a year ago.

            Mr. Fennell asked have you reached a complete agreement on what to do about Plant F?

            Mr. Cassel responded the parameters that were set they are going to address as we discussed.  They are removing the clarifier floor and will be x-raying the welds and repairing them as necessary.  They are going to be doing the air header piping.  All of the issues we addressed they are doing.  The one we have not finished addressing yet is the concrete curb at the base CH2M Hill came out with through the process of saying they were going to adapt.  We are waiting on a response from them.

            Mr. Fennell stated we discussed that at the last meeting.

            Mr. Cassel stated that was discussed with them, but we were waiting for the last detail.  The curbing was there, but there are pipes that go in that we need to know how to get over the pipes.  How did CH2M Hill envision their engineer coming in with a curb to go over pipe?  I just got that last Wednesday or Thursday.

            Mr. Fennell asked so there is something actually going on rather than them just walking away from the issue?

            Mr. Cassel responded yes.  We are kicking it back to them telling them what we envision for the concrete curb.  We then have to figure out how that concrete curb is going to be done.  Is it a cost to the District?  Is it a cost to the contractor?  That was not a part of the original design.  Where does that cost end up?  Who ends up eating the cost for the concrete curb and what is the price?  We still have to hammer that out.  They cannot do the curb until they do all of the welding, all of the repairs and all of the repainting and sealing.  There is time, but we continue to work on how we are going to do it and who is going to pay for it.

            Mr. Fennell stated the schedule predicted is three and a half to four months from the last meeting to get this done.  If we are making this kind of progress on the agreement, you might not get an agreement on this until the work is done.  We are looking for a quicker response on this agreement.

            Mr. Cassel stated I will push them for a response. 

            Ms. Zich asked how is the nano plant doing? 

            Mr. Easton responded we hit a lot of milestones.  The roof is basically dried in.  The electricians moved in.  They are starting to pull wires.  The drywall people have all the metal stubs up.  The air conditioning people have been in there running duct work.  There is a lot of pipe testing.  A lot of small bore chemical pipe is being installed.  The painters are applying coatings to the interior on the ceilings.  There have been a lot of sidewalks poured and asphalt put down.  They are moving ahead.

            Ms. Zich stated that is good to hear.  Keep on it Mr. Easton.

            Mr. Easton stated they are doing a good job.

            Ms. Zich stated it is nice to hear that. 

            Mr. Fennell asked do you have sufficient people to handle the paperwork and tracking of the funds?

            Mr. Daly responded yes. 

            Mr. Fennell asked what was our conclusion on the I&I evaluation?  Where was it coming from?

            Mr. Hanks responded from the ground.

            Mr. Daly stated Mr. Cassel and I along with a couple of our field guys are meeting with a gentleman tomorrow because we are looking into being a little bit more modern and using telemetry data on our lift stations.  The gentleman we have working on our lift stations has been with us for 30 years.  He is doing a great job.  He works on a part-time basis.  We do not want to have a problem with raw sewage spills in case something happens on a weekend.  We are going to meet with a gentleman who has a product that has been in the market for a number of years and a lot of cities are using it.  It makes the lift stations communicate with each other and supposedly save Winter Park a lot of money.

            Mr. Cassel stated we found out we had pumps coming on.  They were pushing against head pressures they were not designed to push against.

            Mr. Hanks stated you have a lot of stations with a lot of long run times.  If you had everything else working fine, you would not have those long run times.

            Mr. Daly stated he saved Winter Park 23% just in electricity for the pumps; not to mention what you are saving on the wear and tear of the pumps.

            Mr. Fennell asked can it measure real flow?

            Mr. Daly responded it can measure anything you want. 

            Mr. Hanks asked how is this going to be different than what Mr. Moore was proposing six years ago?

            Mr. Daly responded I do not recall what he was proposing.

            Mr. Hanks stated neither do I; that is why I was asking.

            Mr. Daly stated Mr. Moore spoke to this gentleman six years ago.  It is the same company.  He was big on telemetry back then.  The problem was no one else was.  The investment for the telemetry for the canals was made by CSID, NSID and PTWCD.  They all put some money in towards a system.  Once Mr. Moore left no one ever turned the system on.  The operators never bought into the system and how it could enhance their job.  This will be different.  This is why we are meeting with the actual field managers tomorrow to let them help make a decision on which route to take.

            Mr. Fennell stated it is more than just a telemetry system.  You are talking about putting data into a modeling system.  Who is going to do the modeling system?

            Mr. Daly responded they have reports already that come out.  We are going to find out more about it tomorrow.  It is supposedly a big full fledged system.

            Mr. Fennell stated if you are able to do something with modeling and figure out pressures, flows and intrusion, then you have something.

            Mr. Cassel stated that is when telemetry becomes an asset versus a liability. 

            Mr. Fennell stated yes because a lot of data that goes nowhere and is not used does not do you much good.

            Mr. Daly stated we have all talked for over a year about the infiltration with the water and we have not gotten anyplace.

            Mr. Hanks stated it would have been nice to be able to see when this problem started happening. 

            Mr. Fennell stated I do not think we had models like that at the time.  I am not sure we will here either.  You are going to need a centralized computer and then you are going to want to be able to go back and turn on things remotely.

            Mr. Daly stated you are and you are not.  The real issue started with what to do in a graveyard shift when someone calls to notify that raw sewage is coming out.  If we had telemetry you could actually see it, get an alert and turn it on.  It is going to be located in our 24 hour operation center, which is a water plant who is also dealing right now with a brand new nanofiltration plant.  We want an alarm on a graveyard shift so someone can pick up the phone and call the field to say there is an issue so they can come out to take care of it.  You can make it as big or as small as you want.  If anyone is around at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, you might want to come in.

            Mr. Hanks stated I can probably squeeze in a half an hour.

            Mr. Fennell stated if you are coming, I cannot.  It constitutes a meeting.        

            Mr. Daly asked would it not constitute education and not a meeting?

            Mr. Lyles responded if all you do is listen and do not communicate with on another or in the open at the meeting about what the Board might take up or do, I think you could both attend and listen.

            Mr. Hanks asked what if I was to ask a technical question?

            Mr. Lyles responded a technical question is different from what issues might be important to the Board, coming to the Board and what the Board will be interested in.  I think a technical question would be within a permissible kind of participation.  In a limited participation you might have to come in and listen to a presentation.

            Mr. Hanks stated just like we could end up at a Water University function where we are getting the same presentation and we are able to ask questions in that open forum.

            Mr. Lyles stated yes. 


EIGHTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                 Approval of February Financials and Check Registers

             Ms. Zich stated I looked through everything and everything looks to be in good shape.  Ms. Woodward’s little numbers that we are always looking at is 1.56 so the debt coverage service is good.  We look like we are in good financial shape.  We are getting all the money from the taxes.  We actually received money from SBA. 

            Mr. Fennell stated a little bit.

            Ms. Zich stated that is pretty nice compared to what things have been looking like.  We got about $9,000.  That is pretty good the way SBA is coming. 

            Mr. Fennell stated I was thinking maybe we need to create a reserve in the general fund to pay our part of the culvert.

            Mr. Hanks asked are we happy with the revenues that have been coming in this year?

            Mr. Daly responded Ms. Woodward and I are very happy.  This is something we projected out knowing there was a rate increase.  It is pretty good.

            Ms. Zich asked how are we doing on vacant houses in the area?

            Mr. Daly responded they are still selling. 

            Ms. Zich asked so we do not have money we cannot collect?

            Mr. Daly responded the water is not on. 


On MOTION by Ms. Zich seconded by Mr. Hanks with all in favor the financials for February were accepted.


            Mr. Fennell asked we are not paying out the $4 Million yet are we?

            Ms. Woodward responded that actually comes out, I split it, twice a year.  I fund 1/12 of it into US Bank every month.  When we hit the six month date, the money comes out. 

            Ms. Zich asked where are the 2002 Bonds finished?

            Mr. Daly responded three more years.


NINTH ORDER OF BUSINESS              Adjournment

            There being no further business,


On MOTION by Mr. Hanks seconded by Ms. Zich with all in favor the meeting was adjourned. 





Glen Hanks                                                Robert D. Fennell

Secretary                                                    President