The regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors of the Coral Springs Improvement District was held on Monday, May 17, 2004 at 3:50 p.m. in the District Office, 10300 N. W. 11 Manor, Coral Springs, Florida.


            Present and constituting a quorum were:


            Robert D. Fennell                                       President

            William Eissler                                            Vice President

            Glen Hanks                                                Secretary


            Also present were:


            Gary L. Moyer                                           Superintendent

            Dennis Lyles                                               Attorney

            Rich Hans                                                   Staff

            John McKune                                             Engineer

            Roger Moore                                             Engineer

            Donna Holiday                                           Staff


            The Board and staff toured the plant facilities at 3:00 p.m.  No policies were discussed at this time, and all discussions were reserved until the business portion of the meeting convened at 3:50 p.m.


FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS                         Roll Call

            Mr. Fennell called the meeting to order, and Mr. Moyer called the roll.


SECOND ORDER OF BUSINESS                    Approval of the Minutes of the April 19, 2004 Meeting

            Mr. Fennell stated that each Board member had received a copy of the minutes of the April 19, 2004 meeting and requested any additions, corrections or deletions.

            Mr. Fennell stated page 7 was duplicated.


On MOTION by Mr. Hanks seconded by Mr. Eissler with all in favor the minutes of the April 19, 2004 meeting were approved.


THIRD ORDER OF BUSINESS                       Acceptance of the Audit for Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2003

            After a brief review of the audit, the Board accorded to table this item and invite the auditors, Keefe, McCullough & Co., to the next meeting to address some of their questions and concerns pertaining to the audit.


FOURTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                    Distribution of Proposed General Fund Budget for Fiscal Year 2005

            Mr. Moyer stated the general fund budget refers to the drainage.  The public hearing to adopt the budget will be held July 19.


FIFTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                         Staff Reports

            A.     Attorney

            Mr. Lyles stated our codification bill appears to have passed.  When the session ended, we checked on-line and called a staff person who has been working on this and were told that both bills (CSID and NSID) died in committee.  The next day, Mr. Hans received a call from the governor’s office to discuss a few details because the CSID bill had passed after all.  It was the NSID bill that died in committee.  However, we have not seen the final document, and I would like to see something with the governor’s signature or something indicating that it has become law without his signature.  Until then, it appears the bill has passed.

            Mr. Hans stated it is going through bill analysis.  The person who called me was collecting general information about the District and said it passed 40:60.  We are awaiting signature from their office.

            Mr. Lyles stated we never received a request for a support resolution letter or otherwise from Representative Ritter’s office so I assume she had other priorities and was satisfied with the meeting she had with you and with the way we submitted the bill.

            Mr. Fennell stated I still feel we should voluntarily change our type of organizations with the vote of our Board.

            Mr. Lyles stated if an opportunity presents itself, I would insert the Board’s position as expressed for that mechanism to be in place.

            With regard to Lake Coral Springs, a couple days after the last meeting, I received a phone call from their attorney, Mr. Weinberg, and he wants to have a conference call with their president, Mr. Berlin.  They were not here at the last meeting, nor did they speak to us in advance of the last meeting because we had an old address on file here at the District for Mr. Berlin so we sent the notice to the old address, which took a few extra days to reach Mr. Berlin.  He expressed that he meant no disrespect or lack of concern, and we talked briefly about where the Board is, and I think we are on the same page.  They understand there will be an agreement and a certain amount of payment will be made by the Lake Coral Springs Association and a certain amount of basic level maintenance will be done by the District in accordance with the way it does other similar bodies of water.  Mr. Hans is in the process of setting up this conference call or meeting with us and their representatives to finalize the agreement.

            Mr. Hans stated I spoke with Mr. Berlin this afternoon about this issue because they want to get prices.  I faxed them our costs for aquatic control, maintenance of the lake banks, etc.  He will confer with Mr. Weinberg and contact us in the next few days.  Hopefully, we will have an agreement to bring to the Board by the next meeting.

            Mr. Lyles stated at the last meeting, we reported that we received correspondence from a resident who had problems with tree roots.  We responded in writing per the Board’s direction outlining the legal positions, but we have not heard back.  We may or may not hear about this in the future.


            B.        Engineer

            Mr. McKune stated some time ago, we talked about a drainage system that we wanted to put in but determined that it was too expensive to do it at the time.  We are about to finish up the wastewater job.  Part of the job involves the final grading around these tanks.  I would like to install one pipe outlet to greatly improve the drainage in the south end of the property while the contractor is in the process of doing his grading work.  It will cost approximately $6,000.

            Additionally, while in the process of cleaning out the digester, some of this material was mixed with sludge from the plant on the water plant side and stockpiled in an area behind Plant E.  The operators would like to spread the material in some areas of the plant to build the land surface up in order to eliminate some ponding versus going through the expense of hauling it off.  This would be in addition to the wastewater plant contract in the approximate amount of $5,000.  On the water plant side, part of the capital improvement program for the water plant expansion on the south side is a $2 to $3 million project.  If we were to do that, we have agreed with Messrs. Moyer and Hans to defer as much as possible so that we can use the money elsewhere for things that are more urgent.  As you know after being on the headworks, there is a great deal of lime dust blowing around, especially during the summer.  I would like to increase the area of the ponds that we are currently using to dewater the lime sludge and let it dry and accumulate prior to having a trucker come in.  We paid approximately $180,000 last year to truck this material off the site.  It is a big operation.  This year it should cost approximately 75% of last year’s amount because we have a new contract with a lower unit price.  I would like to add to this contract on a unit price basis to dig some additional ponds for the material that is currently being stockpiled versus building up the mounds.  This will afford us a cleaner operation.  The backwash of the filters goes into another large pond, which I would like to expand and dewater the pond into a drying pit, which will clean up this operation.  We can do this on a unit price basis.  The total cost of digging these ponds depends on the amount of lime we can clean out.  It will probably cost $15,000.  We can do some it now and defer the rest.

            Mr. Eissler asked how much would it cost to clean up the mess?

            Mr. McKune responded quite a bit.  The entire area is a repository of lime between 6” to 3’.  Once we expand the ponds and clean up the area, we should be able to grow grass in some of the areas and limit the sludge activity.  If we do this, we can probably defer the dewatering system indefinitely.

            Mr. Fennell asked is there any issue that we might run into with having so much?

            Mr. McKune responded if we do these modifications to the pond system, we can go a long way toward keeping the dust down, and we would be able to use some irrigation systems to water down the pond areas to keep it from blowing around.

            Mr. Eissler stated I suggest that you look at this.  It is a solution that can be accomplished quickly.

            Mr. McKune stated I would like to get the contractor out here this week.


On MOTION by Mr. Fennell seconded by Mr. Eissler with all in favor the District engineer was authorized to move forward with the repair, reconstruction and drainage of lime dust control as outlined above in an amount not to exceed $25,000.


                        2.         Update on Construction

            There being no further report, the next item followed.


            C.        Superintendent – Review of Staffing Chart

            The Board reviewed the staffing chart, and Mr. Moyer introduced Resolution 2004-4 designating Rich Hans as Assistant Secretary and Resolution 2004-5 designating Patti Powers as Treasurer and stated these resolutions allow Mr. Hans and Ms. Powers to sign the necessary documents to conduct day-to-day business.


On MOTION by Mr. Hanks seconded by Mr. Eissler with all in favor Resolution 2004-4 designating Rich Hans as Assistant Secretary and Resolution 2004-5 designating Patti Powers as Treasurer were adopted.


            D.        Complaints

            There not being any, the next item followed.


SEVENTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                  Supervisor's Requests and Audience Comments

            Mr. Eissler stated we are starting to see some surface water management renewals.  What is the renewal fee?

            Mr. Hans responded there is no renewal fee at this time.

            Mr. Eissler stated I suggest we have a fee.  This is a revenue-generating opportunity.

            Mr. Hans stated I agree, but they have to supply their own engineer.  However, staff is meeting next week to consider this.


EIGHTH ORDER OF BUSINESS                     Approval of Invoices

            Mr. Fennell stated the way we approve our invoices does not give me an idea as to where we are in the budget.  In my experience, I referred to a monthly budget.  Does this exist?

            Mr. Hans responded yes.  We will include that in the future.

            After review of the financials,


On MOTION by Mr. Eissler seconded by Mr. Hanks with all in favor the invoices were approved.


            There being nothing further,


On MOTION by Mr. Fennell seconded by Mr. Eissler with all in favor the meeting was adjourned at 5:35 p.m.













Glen Hanks                                                                  Robert D. Fennell

Secretary                                                                      President