About the Coral Springs Improvement District

A message from the President

The District is in good shape. We have greatly strengthened security measures at key points in the facility and will continue to improve our readiness for any emergency. We are in the process of renovating our water treatment facilities and we are bringing new wells and backup power systems online. We are also increasing our wastewater handling capacity to insure reliable operations.

The canals and drainage systems have been revitalized with new pumps and rebuilt pump houses. To ensure reliability we have increased the pumping capacity reserve by 25% at each pump station as a backup against possible mechanical failure during a major storm event.

This is OUR special district. We collectively own it. We are the ones who put up the money and took on the assessment obligations to pay the bonds that have built our water systems and canals. The District has not received any financial backing from Broward County, the City of Coral Springs, or the State of Florida.

A goal of the Board of Supervisors is to maintain local control of our facilities and at the same time take advantage of professional management and economies of scale. We use an experienced management team to run the District and also have a core group of dedicated employees, some with more than 30 years experience. Where economically feasible, we share resources with other Districts, such as water quality testing, office space, accounting and overhead. We welcome your comments and participation in the CSID and encourage you to contact us regarding any questions you may have. Also, feel free to email your questions and comments to manager@csidfl.org.

The District is governed by a three member Board of Supervisors who are elected by landowners within the District once every four years. The board members are Dr. Martin Shank, (President), Mr. Duane Holland (Vice President), & Mr. Nick St.Cavish, (Secretary).